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Connecting with Your Favorite Places

At The Free Tour Shop, our mission is to create souvenirs that connect you with your favorite destinations. We carefully design souvenirs, incorporating the history, culture, and symbolism of each place. We also promote souvenirs from local artists to provide you with genuine and authentic products, connecting you with the true meaning of collecting souvenirs.

Every Choice Matters

We believe that every choice matters, and we drive change through our decisions. We firmly believe there is much room for improvement in this industry, and we want to make a difference by contributing our efforts. As a small business, our capabilities are limited, but we aspire to impact the souvenir industry positively by encouraging decisions that create a meaningful difference.

Transparency at the Heart of Our Company

We acknowledge that we’re not perfect, but we strive to stay true to our mission and concept. Throughout our journey, we’ve collaborated with local suppliers to create eco-friendly souvenirs and manufacture them as close as possible to each destination. While there’s room for improvement, we believe that every step counts, and your support enables us to pursue that goal.

We commit to continuously improving our operations and considering all aspects of sustainability. We aim to change the souvenir industry, making it more sustainable, and encourage responsible consumer choices. Check out our updates.

Why Sell Souvenirs Online?

Many of you ask us this question, and the answer is complex, influenced by multiple factors. When we started researching, we encountered profiles of people who couldn’t or didn’t have time to buy souvenirs during their travels, for example:

  • Short trips with a lot to explore and no time to find the perfect memento.
  • Lack of space in the suitcase.
  • Traveling with children.
  • The importance of having a keepsake wasn’t evident during the trip, but it is now.
  • Places we feel connected to, even if we haven’t visited them.

We’re working to make our products available in physical stores through local collaborations. If you want to recommend a local business, feel free to get in touch with us.

The Importance of a Brand

A brand for souvenirs? In a world with millions of choices, it’s almost impossible to research the background of every product we buy. This task becomes even more challenging when it must be done during one of the most memorable moments of our lives—our travels.

Creating a brand lets you know who we are, our philosophy, quality, and sustainability policy, as well as our support for local businesses.

Meet the Founders: Carlos and Ismael

Two passionate travelers and tour guides who, after years of sharing fascinating stories, decided to bring to life the idea of creating souvenirs with love and dedication. With over 15 years immersed in tourism, our direct experience with travelers and tour guides drives us to share our passion for souvenirs with you. We hope each memento, along with creations from other local artists, inspires you to explore the world with the same curiosity and passion that drives us. Make every journey unforgettable!

Tours and Souvenirs: A Complete Experience

We offer tours in addition to souvenirs because we love connecting with history on the streets, a craft we’ve honed for almost 15 years. We carefully select our favorite tours in each city to ensure you can enjoy a complete experience with The Free Tour Shop.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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