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As you explore the Danish capital’s vibrant neighborhoods, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of its culture and discover the perfect mementos to bring home. In this blog post, we unveil the charm of Copenhagen’s most cherished souvenirs – from intricately crafted Danish design to delectable treats that capture the essence of this picturesque city. Join us on a virtual tour of Copenhagen’s unique and unforgettable keepsakes!

1. Little Mermaid Figurines

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is famous for its connection to Hans Christian Andersen’s renowned fairy tale. Erected in 1913, the bronze statue on the Langelinie promenade has become a symbol of the city, attracting millions of tourists annually. Positioned by the water, it reflects Copenhagen’s maritime history and serves as a poignant reminder of love and sacrifice from the iconic tale. Despite controversies and events, the Little Mermaid remains a significant cultural and artistic landmark, contributing to the city’s identity and drawing visitors from around the world.

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is famous for its connection to Hans Christian Andersen's renowned fairy tale.

2. Danish Butter Cookies

They are a delectable and classic treat that has gained international popularity. Known for their rich buttery flavor and delicate, crumbly texture, these cookies are a staple in Danish baking traditions. 

open Royal Dansk butter cookies

3. Copenhagen Poster

A Copenhagen poster that is more than just an image; a celebration of Danish design, sustainability, and a commitment to the timeless concept of ‘hygge.’ 

4. Postcards

Immerse yourself in the allure of Copenhagen with beautiful postcards. Each piece captures the timeless beauty of this Nordic gem, featuring panoramic views of historic landmarks, picturesque canals, and the vibrant cityscape. Share Copenhagen’s charm with friends and family or preserve these picturesque mementos as a visual diary of your Scandinavian adventure.

5. Danish Flag Items

Keychains, magnets, and accessories showcasing the red and white national flag.

red and white striped flag

6. Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

High-quality ceramics with classic blue and white designs.

7. Sømods Bolcher Candy

Sømods Bolcher is a renowned Danish candy shop known for its handcrafted and traditional candies. The candies often come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and colors, offering a sweet taste of Danish confectionery craftsmanship. A delicious and visually appealing souvenir.

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8. Fridge Magnets

In the modern era, collecting refrigerator magnets has become a popular pastime. Explore a diverse range of magnets showcasing Copenhagen’s exquisite landscapes and iconic landmarks.

9. Smørrebrød Recipe Book

Smørrebrød is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich. It typically consists of a slice of dense, dark rye bread topped with various ingredients like cold cuts, fish, cheese, or spreads, often garnished with vegetables or herbs.

What about a Danish open-faced sandwich recipes book?

a sandwich on a blue plate topped with onions

10. Marzipan

A sweet and culturally significant souvenir, Danish marzipan offers a taste of traditional Danish sweets and is often beautifully presented, making it a delightful gift or personal indulgence.


11. Danish Pastries

Fresh or packaged pastries, including the famous “Danish” pastry.

a pan filled with cinnamon rolls on top of a table

12. Nordic Design Home Decor

Scandinavian-inspired items like candle holders, vases, or cushions.

13. Copenhagen Street Maps

Illustrated maps capturing the city’s charm.

a map, a camera, and a book on a table

14. Carlsberg Beer Merchandise

Items related to Denmark’s famous beer brand.

15. Bicycle Chain Bracelets

Crafted from recycled bicycle chains, reflecting Copenhagen’s bike-friendly culture.

16. Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge is a charming guide that explores the Danish concept of “hygge,” emphasizing coziness, comfort, and well-being. Filled with insightful tips and anecdotes, it provides a glimpse into the Danish lifestyle, encouraging readers to embrace the simple pleasures of life.

brown wooden frame with white and black love print

17. Upcycled Bike Tube Accessories

Unique items made from repurposed bicycle inner tubes.

18. ECCO Shoes

A Danish footwear brand celebrated for its high-quality and comfortable shoes. Known for innovative designs and attention to detail, ECCO shoes are crafted with a combination of style and functionality.

19. Lego Architecture Sets

Lego is a Danish company, founded in 1932. It initially produced wooden toys but shifted to plastic interlocking bricks in 1949. The iconic Lego brick design was patented in 1958. Over the years, Lego expanded its product range, introducing themed sets and characters. The brand’s success grew globally, making Lego a beloved and enduring toy company, known for fostering creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. 

yellow red blue and green lego blocks

20. Mugs

A mug is an ideal souvenir gift, seamlessly blending functionality and sentimentality. It’s a practical item for daily use, serving as a reminder of your travels while sipping on your favorite beverages. The mug’s design often highlights Copenhagen’s iconic landmarks, cultural richness, or artistic elements, establishing a visual connection to this captivating city.

21. Nordic Wool Socks

Warm and stylish socks made from high-quality Scandinavian wool.

22. Dansk Design Jewelry

Contemporary jewelry inspired by Danish design principles.

23. Danish Design Stationery

Notebooks, pens, and planners featuring minimalist Danish design.

24. Urban Greenery Kits

Small plant kits or seed packets, promoting Copenhagen’s green initiatives.

25. T-Shirts

Featuring the city’s landmarks and symbols.

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