best souvenirs from athens

1. Olive Oil

High-quality olive oil or olive oil-based products like soap and cosmetics are popular souvenirs.

2. Evil eye charms

Protect loved ones with these symbolic talismans believed to ward off negativity. allow you to carry a touch of the city’s style with you.

blue and yellow round ornament

3. Ceramics

Hand-painted pottery featuring Greek designs and patterns are a classic choice.

4. Komboloi (Worry beads)

These beaded strings are a traditional accessory and can be found in various materials.

5. Spices and herbs

Bring home the flavors of Greece with a selection of local herbs like oregano or sage.

6. Byzantine-style jewelry

Pieces inspired by Byzantine art and culture are distinctive and cherished souvenirs.

7. Local Wines

Wines, particularly those from the region, make for excellent gifts for wine enthusiasts.

8. Sweets

Treats like baklava, loukoum, or halva showcase the country’s delicious dessert traditions.

brown and green bread with green leaves

9. Honey

Unique local honey varieties, such as thyme or pine, make for sweet and authentic gifts.

10. Postcards

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Athens through artistic postcards. Each piece captures the city’s enduring beauty, featuring landmarks like the Parthenon, the charm of Syntagma Square, and the lively streets of Monastiraki. These postcards are perfect keepsakes that reflect the essence of the Greek capital.

11. Traditional Clothing

Consider a stylish souvenir like a handmade Greek scarf, hat, or embroidered shirt.

12. Sandals

Handmade leather sandals are a fashionable and comfortable choice, often found in local markets.

13. Coffee Sets

Traditional Greek coffee cups and a bag of Greek coffee make for a cultural and practical gift.

coffee on coffee pot with beans

14. Tavli (Backgammon) set

A classic Greek board game, tavli sets with intricate designs can be a unique and entertaining souvenir.

15. Athenian art prints

Capture the city’s beauty with prints or paintings of iconic landmarks or scenes.

16. Local cheeses

If packaging permits, bring home some authentic cheeses, such as feta or graviera.

17.  Books 

Learn more about Greek culture, history, or mythology.

monument with statuettes on top building at daytime

18. Authentic Greek olives

Jars of locally-produced olives, available in various flavors, are a tasty and transportable option

19. Traditional musical instruments

Consider a small bouzouki, a Greek flute, or other instrumeTraditional musical instrumentsnts as a musical memento.

20. Museum Replicas

Reproductions of ancient Greek artifacts or sculptures from museums are meaningful keepsakes.

21. Clothes

Fun and creative T-shirts with Athens or Greek-themed designs are popular among tourists

22. Local artwork

Support local artists by purchasing paintings, sculptures, or other artwork reflecting the city’s culture.

people walking on street near brown concrete building during daytime

23. Tea blends

Unique herbal teas, like mountain tea (tsai tou vounou), offer a taste of Greek flora.

24. Spirits

Bring home a bottle of ouzo, the famous anise-flavored liquor, or other Greek spirits like mastiha liqueur.

25. Religious Souvenirs

Small, hand-painted religious icons are meaningful souvenirs, often found in local shops.

26. Local market finds

Explore Athens’ vibrant markets for one-of-a-kind items, from handmade crafts to vintage treasures.

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