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1. Norwegian Knitwear

Traditional Norwegian sweaters, known as “Lusekofte” or “Dale of Norway” sweaters, are popular souvenirs. These sweaters often feature intricate patterns and are made from high-quality wool, providing warmth and a touch of Norwegian tradition.

2. Rosemaling Items

Rosemaling is a traditional Norwegian decorative folk art characterized by vibrant floral patterns. You can find Rosemaling on various items such as wooden bowls, plates, and decorative pieces. These hand-painted items showcase the rich cultural heritage of Norway.

3. Viking-Inspired Jewelry

Browse through shops offering unique Viking-inspired jewelry such as Thor’s hammer pendants, rune-engraved accessories, or intricately designed pieces reflecting Norse mythology. These items often combine modern craftsmanship with historical motifs.

4. Brunost (Brown Cheese)

A unique Norwegian delicacy, brunost is a sweet and caramelized brown cheese made from whey. You can bring home blocks of brunost or smaller portions packaged for travel if regulations allow you. It’s a distinctive taste of Norway that’s both sweet and savory.

5. Rakfisk

For those seeking adventurous culinary souvenirs, rakfisk might be an option. It’s a traditional Norwegian dish of fermented fish, typically trout or salmon. Rakfisk is an acquired taste, and small jars or portions can be purchased for those willing to try a piece of Norwegian gastronomic culture.

Tip: Remember to check local regulations regarding food items when bringing them as souvenirs, especially if you plan to travel internationally.

6. Trolls

Trolls hold a special place in Norwegian folklore. Souvenirs featuring these mythical creatures come in various forms, including figurines, keychains, and even troll-themed clothing. Trolls are whimsical and add a playful touch to Norwegian souvenirs.

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7. Nowregian Chocolate

Norway is known for its delicious chocolates. Look for local brands like Freia or Nidar and select chocolates with distinct Norwegian flavors such as sea buckthorn, lingonberry, or aquavit. These sweet treats make for delightful and easily transportable souvenirs.

8. Fjord-Printed Merchandise

Capture the stunning landscapes of Norway by choosing souvenirs featuring fjord prints. This could be anything from posters and postcards to mugs and magnets. It’s a picturesque reminder of Norway’s breathtaking natural beauty.

9. Design Home Decor

Bring a touch of Scandinavian design to your home with items like minimalist ceramics, glassware, or textiles. Look for brands like Hadeland Glassverk or Iittala for elegant and timeless pieces that reflect the clean lines of Nordic design.

10. Bunad Dolls

Bunad is the traditional Norwegian costume, and miniature versions of these outfits are often crafted into dolls. These dolls, dressed in regional Bunad attire, make for charming and culturally rich souvenirs.

11. Pewter Goods

Bergen is known for its pewter craftsmanship. Look for intricately designed pewter items like mugs, plates, and jewelry. These pieces often showcase traditional Norwegian motifs and can serve as elegant and enduring souvenirs.

12. Hiking Gear

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Bergen offers a selection of hiking gear suitable for exploring Norway’s stunning landscapes. Consider investing in quality outdoor equipment such as waterproof jackets, sturdy backpacks, or thermal clothing from local stores.

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13. Yarn and Knitwear Supplies

Given Norway’s rich knitting tradition, Bergen is an excellent place to find high-quality yarn and knitwear supplies. Explore local yarn shops for a wide range of colors and textures, perfect for creating your own Norwegian-inspired knitted items.

14. Hand-Painted Wooden Items

Bergen is known for its artisanal wooden crafts, including hand-painted items like trays, bowls, and utensils. These pieces often feature intricate designs inspired by Norwegian nature, folklore, or traditional patterns.

15. Bergen Fish Market Memorabilia

The Fish Market in Bergen is a lively and iconic destination. Look for souvenirs like fish-shaped keychains, magnets, or T-shirts with playful fish designs. These items celebrate the vibrant atmosphere of Bergen’s famous market.

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16. Local Artwork and Prints

Support local artists by purchasing original artwork or prints inspired by Bergen’s landscapes, architecture, or cultural heritage. Art galleries and street markets are excellent places to discover unique pieces that reflect the creativity of the local art scene.

17.  Bergen-themed Stationery

If you enjoy collecting stationery, look for Bergen-themed notebooks, postcards, and pens. These items often feature illustrations or photographs showcasing the city’s landmarks and scenery, making for practical yet visually appealing souvenirs.

18. Akvavit or Aquavit

Bring a taste of Norwegian spirits home by purchasing a bottle of akvavit or aquavit. These traditional Scandinavian spirits often include herbal and spice infusions, providing a distinctive flavor. Check local liquor stores for a selection of Norwegian brands.

19. Licorice

Norwegian licorice, known as “salmiakki,” comes in various forms and flavors. Whether you prefer sweet or salty licorice, you can find a diverse selection in Bergen. Licorice makes for a tasty and distinctive treat to bring home or share with friends.

20. Norse Mythology Books

Delve into the world of Norse mythology with books that explore the tales of gods, heroes, and mythical creatures. Choose from beautifully illustrated editions or educational books that provide insights into Norway’s rich mythological heritage.

21. Traditional Norwegian Cheese Slicer

Cheese slicers, known as “ostehøvel” in Norwegian, are a practical and iconic kitchen tool. Opt for a traditional wooden cheese slicer as a functional and uniquely Norwegian souvenir that brings a touch of Scandinavian daily life to your kitchen.

22. Artistic Postcards

 Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bergen with these artistic postcards. Each piece captures the city’s timeless charm, featuring iconic sights like the picturesque Fish Market, the tranquil Bergen Harbor, and the enchanting old-world architecture of Bryggen.

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