best souvenirs from cairo

1. Alabaster items

Hand-carved alabaster statues, bowls, and other decorative items are popular souvenirs in Cairo.

2. Mother of Pearl Boxes

These are intricately crafted boxes adorned with mother of pearl inlays, often depicting traditional Egyptian motifs or scenes.

3. Dates

Egypt is known for its delicious dates, which are often sold in markets and shops as a popular local delicacy and souvenir.

a pile of bags filled with lots of dates

4. Palm Leaf Baskets

Handwoven baskets made from palm leaves are common in Cairo markets, offering a traditional and eco-friendly souvenir option.

5. Khayamiya

This is a traditional Egyptian handicraft of appliqué textile art. Khayamiya pieces are often colorful and depict scenes from Egyptian culture and history.

6. Spices

Cairo’s spice markets offer an array of aromatic spices like cumin, coriander, saffron, and more, packaged for souvenirs.

best souvenirs from cairo

7. Perfumes and oils

Egyptian perfumes and essential oils, especially those made from natural ingredients like jasmine and sandalwood, are popular.

8. Traditional clothing

Items like embroidered galabeyas (traditional Egyptian robes) or scarves featuring Egyptian motifs make for unique souvenirs.

9. Papyrus Replicas

Papyrus replicas featuring ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics or designs are popular souvenirs. They are typically sold in tourist areas and come in various sizes.

best souvenirs from cairo

10. Kilims

Kilims are flat-woven rugs or textiles with vibrant patterns and colors. They are often used as decorative pieces or as prayer rugs.

11. Scarabs

Scarabs are amulets shaped like the sacred scarab beetle. They are symbols of protection and good luck in ancient Egyptian culture and are commonly found in souvenir shops.

a wall with some paintings on it

12. Jewelry

Handcrafted silver or gold jewelry with Egyptian designs such as scarabs or ankhs are sought after by visitors.

13. Hookah pipes

Elaborately designed hookah pipes, known locally as shisha, are popular souvenirs, often accompanied by flavored tobacco.

14. Egyptian cotton products

High-quality Egyptian cotton products like bed linens, towels, and robes are renowned for their softness and durability.

15. Spice-infused tea and coffee

Blends of tea and coffee with traditional Egyptian spices like cardamom and cinnamon are packaged as souvenirs.

16. Kahk

Kahk are traditional Egyptian cookies typically enjoyed during festive occasions like Eid or Christmas. They can be found in bakeries and shops throughout Cairo and are often packaged as gifts or souvenirs.

brown and white cookies on clear glass tray

17. Egyptian sweets

Delicacies like baklava, basbousa, and Turkish delight are commonly packaged for travelers to take home.

18. Decorative lanterns

Intricately designed metal or glass lanterns, known as “fanous,” are iconic symbols of Cairo and make beautiful souvenirs.

19. Ceramics and pottery

Hand-painted ceramic plates, bowls, and vases featuring traditional Egyptian motifs or designs inspired by ancient Egypt are popular choices.

lighted lantern lot

20. Antiques and replicas

Cairo’s markets offer a range of antique and replica artifacts such as statues, amulets, and figurines reminiscent of ancient Egyptian civilization.

21. Musical instruments

Traditional Egyptian musical instruments like the oud (lute), darbuka (goblet drum), and ney (flute) are often available for purchase as souvenirs.

22. Handmade carpets and rugs

Intricately woven carpets and rugs featuring traditional patterns and motifs can be found in Cairo’s markets, offering a piece of Egyptian craftsmanship to take home.

23. Calligraphy art

Calligraphic artwork featuring Arabic script, Quranic verses, or poetic quotes are popular souvenirs, often beautifully framed and ready for display.

24. Egyptian snacks and treats

Packaged snacks like roasted nuts, dried fruits, and flavored seeds, as well as traditional sweets like kunafa and halva.

25. Local handicrafts

Artisans in Cairo produce a variety of unique handicrafts, including woven baskets, straw mats, and camel bone carvings, which make for distinctive souvenirs.

26. Photography and artwork

Local artists often sell photographs and paintings depicting Cairo’s landmarks, landscapes, and street scenes, providing a visual memento of the city.

five persons riding camels walking on sand beside Pyramid of Egypt

27. Cookbooks and spices

Cookbooks featuring Egyptian recipes, along with sets of spices and seasoning blends used in Egyptian cuisine, offer a taste of the country’s culinary heritage to take home.

28. Decorative mirrors and frames

Ornate mirrors and photo frames adorned with traditional Egyptian designs, motifs, or mother-of-pearl inlays could be a great gift.

29. Embroidered textiles

Colorful textiles such as tablecloths, cushion covers, and wall hangings featuring intricate embroidery and beadwork are typical souvenirs showcasing Egyptian textile artistry.

30. Traditional hand fans

Handcrafted hand fans made from palm leaves or decorated with Egyptian motifs are both practical and decorative souvenirs, especially in Cairo’s warm climate.

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