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1. Pottery

Local artisans craft vibrant, hand-painted ceramics reflecting Canarian motifs. Pieces range from decorative plates to intricately designed bowls.

2. Woven Items

Traditional textiles, such as woven baskets and colorful rugs, showcase the region’s craftsmanship. These items often feature geometric patterns and bright hues.

3. Timple Guitars

The Timple is a small, five-string guitar native to the Canaries. It’s a symbol of Canarian music and a unique souvenir for music enthusiasts.

4. Canarian Cheeses

Renowned for their distinct flavors, Canarian cheeses, like Queso Majorero and Queso Palmero, make for delicious gifts. Look for variations with paprika or gofio, a local roasted grain.

5. Mojo Sauces

Mojo is a staple in Canarian cuisine, and souvenir seekers often bring back jars of these flavorful sauces. Red and green varieties, featuring garlic and local peppers, add a zesty touch to dishes.

6. Aloe Vera Products

Given the region’s favorable climate, Aloe Vera thrives. Skincare products like creams, lotions, and gels made from locally sourced Aloe Vera are popular among tourists.

7. Banana Souvenirs

Bananas are a major agricultural product in the area. Visitors can find banana-themed souvenirs, from snacks to skincare items made with banana extracts.

a bunch of bananas sitting on top of a table

8. Guanches Inspired Art

The Guanches were the indigenous people of the Canary Islands. Artwork inspired by their culture, featuring cave paintings and symbols, is a meaningful and unique souvenir.

9. Local Spirits

Canarian rum and honey rum (ron miel) are well-regarded. Consider bringing back a bottle to enjoy the flavors of the islands.

10. Traditional Clothing

Authentic clothing, like embroidered blouses or locally woven shawls, reflects the cultural heritage of the islands.

Tip: When shopping for souvenirs, exploring local markets and artisan shops provides a more immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship behind each unique item.

11. Lava Jewelry

Jewelry crafted from volcanic lava is a distinctive souvenir. Artists mold the hardened lava into beautiful and symbolic pieces, often incorporating local gemstones.

12.  Cigars

Canarian cigars, especially those from La Palma, are renowned for their quality. Consider picking up a box of hand-rolled cigars as a memento.

13. Papier-Mâché Masks

Intricately designed masks, often worn during traditional festivals, are crafted from papier-mâché. These vibrant masks capture the spirit of Canarian celebrations.

14. Gofio

A traditional flour made from roasted grains, gofio is a staple in local cuisine. It’s available in various forms, including flavored mixes. Consider bringing some back for unique culinary experiences.

15. Local Art Prints

Artists produce prints capturing the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of the islands. These prints make for visually appealing and easily transportable souvenirs.

aerial view of mountain

16. Sea Salt Products

Sea salt, harvested from the Atlantic, is often presented in decorative packaging. Look for variations infused with local herbs or spices for a culinary twist.

17.  Traditional Baskets

Handwoven baskets, often made from local palm leaves, showcase the craftsmanship of their artisans. These functional and aesthetically pleasing items are both practical and decorative.

18. Cactus Crafts

Given the prevalence of cacti in the Canarian landscape, various crafts are made from cactus materials. This includes items like candle holders, coasters, and decorative pieces.

a large group of cactus plants in a field

19. Seashell Art

Canarian beaches are abundant with seashells, inspiring local artists to create unique pieces of art using shells. These pieces often reflect the natural beauty of the islands.

20. Island-Made Chocolate

Artisanal chocolate crafted on the islands, infused with local flavors like banana or almond, provides a sweet and indulgent souvenir.

21. Palm Leaf Hats

Handwoven hats made from palm leaves are both stylish and practical, providing shade from the sun. They are a fashionable and functional accessory.

22. Local Honey

Canarian honey, often infused with unique flavors from the diverse flora, is a sweet and natural souvenir. Look for varieties like heather or wildflower honey.

23. Ceramic Tiles

Decorative ceramic tiles featuring traditional patterns or scenes make for beautiful and durable keepsakes. They can be used as wall art or functional coasters.

24. Unique Sand Bottles

Craftsmen create intricate designs using layers of colored sands from the Canary Islands. These bottled artworks capture the essence of the islands in a visually appealing way.

brown mountain beside body of water during daytime

25. Canarian Coffee

Locally roasted coffee beans, often grown on the islands, offer a delightful taste of their coffee culture. Packaged bags or artisan blends make for excellent gifts.

26. Photography Books

Explore local bookstores for photography books capturing the breathtaking landscapes, flora, and fauna of the Canary Islands. These coffee table books are both informative and visually stunning.

photography of lake beside mountain and seashore during daytime

27. Surf and Beachwear

With its stunning coastlines, the Canary Islands are a paradise for surfers. Pick up stylish surf or beachwear, including locally designed swimsuits or surf accessories.

28. Local Literature

Discover books by Canarian authors or literature inspired by the islands’ rich culture and history. These literary gems offer insights into the local narrative.

29. Volcanic Ash Skincare Products

Uniquely crafted skincare items using volcanic ash, known for its mineral-rich properties. These products can include soaps, masks, and scrubs.

30. Dragon Tree Sap Products

The sap of the iconic Dragon Tree is used to create products like balms and creams. This substance is believed to have healing properties and is a distinctive local ingredient.

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