Best Souvenirs and Gifts from Cancun

1. Mayan Handicrafts

Authentic handcrafted items like pottery, hammocks, textiles, and traditional clothing showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan civilization.

2. Mexican Vanilla

Vanilla from Mexico, particularly from the nearby state of Veracruz, is highly regarded for its quality and flavor. It makes for a delicious and aromatic souvenir.

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3. Tequila and Mezcal

Mexico is renowned for its distilled spirits, including tequila and mezcal. Look for high-quality bottles from reputable brands to bring home a taste of Mexico.

Best Souvenirs from Cancun

4. Chocolate

Rich and flavorful, Mexican chocolate is often made with spices like cinnamon and chili peppers, offering a unique twist on traditional chocolate.

5. Olinalá Wooden Boxes

Olinalá boxes are intricately hand-painted wooden boxes originating from the town of Olinalá in the state of Guerrero. They are known for their intense colors and detailed designs, making them sought-after souvenirs.

6. Mexican Marionettes

Marionettes are traditional puppets controlled by strings or wires. In Cancun, you can usually find Mexican marionettes depicting characters from folklore, such as mariachis, dancers, or animals.

7. Onyx Sculptures

Onyx is a type of semi-precious stone with unique veining and colors. In Cancun, artisans carve onyx into sculptures, vases, and other decorative items. 

8. Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy products made from local ingredients like agave, aloe vera, and tropical fruits offer a refreshing and soothing reminder of your time in Cancun.

9. Silver Jewelry

Mexico is known for its beautiful silver jewelry. Look for intricate designs crafted by local artisans to take home a timeless piece of wearable art.

10. Tropical Fruits and Spices

Dried fruits, hot sauces, and spice mixes made from local ingredients like habanero peppers and tropical fruits are perfect for adding a touch of Mexican flavor to your dishes back home.

11. Sombrero

Sombreros are traditional Mexican hats with wide brims, often decorated with colorful designs and embroidery. In Cancun, they are sold as souvenirs and are popular among tourists for their cultural significance.

best souvenirs from Cancun

12. T-shirts and Souvenir Clothing

From humorous t-shirts to traditional embroidered garments, there’s a wide range of clothing options available as souvenirs in Cancun.

13. Hand-painted Talavera Pottery

Talavera pottery is a traditional Mexican art form characterized by its colorful designs. Look for hand-painted bowls, plates, and tiles to bring a piece of Mexican craftsmanship home with you.

14. Hammocks

Hammocks are a popular and practical souvenir from Cancun, perfect for relaxing in your backyard or on your patio. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, making them a versatile and memorable gift.

15. Huaraches

Huaraches are traditional Mexican sandals made from leather with woven straps. They are comfortable and durable footwear and are sold as souvenirs in Cancun, often decorated with colorful patterns and designs.

16. Xtabentún Liqueur

Xtabentún is a traditional Mayan liqueur made from fermented honey and anise seeds. It has a sweet, herbal flavor and is often enjoyed as a digestif. 

17. Coconut Products

From coconut oil and lotions to coconut-based snacks and candies, there are plenty of coconut products available in Cancun. These tropical treats are a delicious and indulgent reminder of your time in paradise.

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18. Lucha Libre Masks

Lucha libre, or Mexican wrestling, is a beloved cultural phenomenon in Mexico. Authentic lucha libre masks make for unique and eye-catching souvenirs, perfect for wrestling fans or collectors.

best souvenirs from cancun

19. Maracas and Musical Instruments

Bring home the sounds of Mexico with maracas, wooden flutes, or other traditional musical instruments. They are fun and festive souvenirs that can liven up any gathering.

20. Huipiles

Huipiles are traditional Mexican blouses worn by indigenous women. They are often hand-woven and embroidered with elaborate patterns and symbols. In Cancun, you can find huipiles in various styles and colors.

21. Mexican Art and Crafts

Explore local markets and galleries to find a wide array of Mexican art and crafts, including paintings, sculptures, and folk art pieces. These one-of-a-kind creations are sure to add a touch of color and culture to your home.

22. Cancun-themed Merchandise

Look for souvenirs featuring iconic landmarks and symbols of Cancun, such as the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea, or the famous Hotel Zone skyline. 

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23. Sea Shells and Marine Decor

With its stunning beaches and clear waters, Cancun is a haven for marine life. Pick up some beautifully preserved sea shells, starfish, or other marine-themed decor to bring a piece of the ocean home with you. Be careful that these items are sourced in a sustainable manner.

24. Straw Hats and Bags

Protect yourself from the sun in style with a handwoven straw hat or get yourself a beautiful tote bag. These practical and fashionable accessories are perfect for beach days or exploring the city.

25. Postcards and Art Prints

Capture the beauty of Cancun’s landscapes and landmarks with postcards or art prints featuring stunning photography or artwork. They make for affordable and lightweight souvenirs that you can easily pack in your suitcase.

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26. Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce

Spice up your meals with authentic Mexican hot sauce, available in a variety of flavors and heat levels. Look for locally produced hot sauces made with ingredients like habanero peppers, cilantro, and lime for a true taste of Mexico.

27. Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Memorabilia

If you’re visiting around the time of Dia de los Muertos (November 1-2), you may find Day of the Dead-themed souvenirs like sugar skulls, papel picado (colorful paper banners), and figurines depicting skeletal calavera (skull) characters.

Best Souvenirs from Cancun

28. Hand-carved Wooden Masks

Hand-carved wooden masks are a traditional art form in Mexico, often used in cultural celebrations and ceremonies. These intricately crafted masks make for unique and striking souvenirs that reflect Mexico’s diverse cultural heritage.

29. Mayan Calendar and Artifacts

The ancient Mayan civilization left behind a wealth of artifacts and symbols, including the famous Mayan calendar. Look for replicas of the Mayan calendar or other artifacts such as figurines, glyphs, or carvings to take home a piece of this fascinating culture.

30. Authentic Mexican Textiles

Mexico is known for its beautiful textiles, including embroidered blouses, woven rugs, and colorful sarapes (blankets). These textiles showcase intricate designs and patterns that have been passed down through generations, making them meaningful and visually stunning souvenirs.

31. Cookbooks and Mexican Cooking Ingredients

Take home a taste of Mexico by picking up a cookbook featuring traditional Mexican recipes or stocking up on authentic Mexican cooking ingredients like dried chilies, spices, and masa harina (corn flour). You can recreate your favorite Mexican dishes in your own kitchen and share the flavors of Cancun with friends and family.

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32. Fridge Magnets

Cancun often feature iconic landmarks like Chichen Itza, palm trees, beaches, or traditional Mexican designs. They are popular as small, affordable souvenirs.

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