best souvenirs from cologne

1. Eau de Cologne

Cologne is famous for its namesake fragrance, Eau de Cologne, created here in the 18th century by Italian perfumer Johann Maria Farina. You can find various versions of this fragrance in local shops.

2. Kölsch Beer Glasses

Kölsch is the local beer style in Cologne, and purchasing a set of Kölsch glasses is a popular souvenir choice. These glasses are typically tall and cylindrical to showcase the beer’s effervescence.

3. Cologne Cathedral Souvenirs

As one of Germany’s most iconic landmarks, Cologne Cathedral-themed souvenirs are widely available. Look for miniature replicas, keychains, or postcards featuring the stunning Gothic cathedral.

best souvenirs from cologne, bridge near buildings

4. Printen

Printen are traditional gingerbread cookies that originated in Aachen but are popular throughout the Rhineland region, including Cologne. They come in various flavors and are often packaged in decorative tins, making them a tasty and visually appealing souvenir.

5. Carnival Masks

Cologne is famous for its vibrant Carnival celebrations, and purchasing a traditional Carnival mask can be a unique souvenir. These masks are intricately designed and come in various styles, reflecting the festive spirit of the city.

6. Rhine River Memorabilia

The Rhine River is a significant feature of Cologne, and you can find souvenirs such as miniature Rhine River boats, scenic postcards, or artwork depicting the river and its surroundings.

man and woman standing on bridge near body of water during daytime

7. Cologne’s Old Town Prints

Cologne’s Altstadt (Old Town) is filled with charming cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Prints or artwork showcasing the city’s Old Town make for beautiful and timeless souvenirs.

8. Chocolate

Cologne is known for its delicious chocolate creations. Look for chocolate bars or boxes featuring iconic Cologne landmarks or the city’s name crafted in chocolate letters.

9. Traditional Pottery

Pottery is a traditional craft in Cologne, and you can find beautifully handcrafted ceramic items such as mugs, plates, and vases adorned with intricate designs or patterns inspired by the city’s heritage.

10. Clothing and Accessories

Many shops in Cologne offer clothing and accessories featuring the city’s name, skyline, or other iconic symbols. T-shirts, hats, scarves, and bags make for practical and stylish souvenirs.

11. Literature

Cologne has a rich literary history, and you can find books, poetry collections, or novels written by local authors or set in the city. These make for meaningful souvenirs for book lovers or those interested in Cologne’s cultural scene.

12. Kitchenware

Bring a piece of Cologne into your kitchen with themed kitchenware such as aprons, oven mitts, or tea towels featuring colorful designs or illustrations inspired by the city.

13. Christmas Ornaments

If you’re visiting Cologne during the holiday season, consider picking up Christmas ornaments featuring iconic landmarks or traditional German designs. These ornaments make for festive souvenirs and can adorn your tree for years to come.

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14. Local Art and Crafts

Explore Cologne’s art galleries and craft markets to discover unique handmade items created by local artisans. Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, jewelry, or textiles, you’re sure to find something special to commemorate your trip.

15. Postcards

Postcards featuring stunning views of Cologne’s skyline, landmarks, and picturesque neighborhoods are a classic souvenir option. They’re lightweight, affordable, and perfect for sharing your travel experiences with friends and family.

gray concrete building near road

16. Local Artisanal Liquors

Cologne is home to a variety of artisanal liqueurs and spirits, such as Korn or Kölsch-based liqueurs. These unique beverages make for distinctive souvenirs and are perfect for enjoying a taste of Cologne back home.

17.  Traditional German Toys

Explore toy shops in Cologne to find traditional German toys such as wooden figurines, nutcrackers, or handcrafted dolls. These toys often reflect German folklore and cultural themes, making them charming souvenirs for children and collectors alike.

18. Stationery

Whether it’s notebooks, pens, or stationery sets adorned with Cologne’s skyline or iconic landmarks, picking up some Cologne-themed stationery is a practical and stylish way to remember your trip.

19. Fridge Magnets

From the magnetic allure of Cologne’s skyline to the vibrant energy of its cultural scene, these magnets encapsulate the essence of a unique city experience, making them delightful reminders of your visit.

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