best souvenirs from dublin. City skyline during night time

1. Whiskey

Dublin is home to several renowned distilleries, making Irish whiskey a popular souvenir choice. You can find a wide range of brands and varieties to suit different tastes.

2. Aran Sweaters

These traditional Irish wool sweaters are not only warm and cozy but also carry cultural significance. They are often intricately knitted with patterns that represent different clans or regions.

a woman in a red sweater looking at a lake

3. Claddagh Rings

Originating from the Claddagh village near Galway, these rings feature a distinctive design of two hands holding a heart topped with a crown. They symbolize love, friendship, and loyalty, making them meaningful souvenirs.

4. Linen

Linen products such as tablecloths, napkins, and handkerchiefs are popular souvenirs due to Ireland’s rich history of linen production. They make elegant and practical gifts.

5. Pottery

Handcrafted pottery with intricate Celtic designs or vibrant colors reflects Ireland’s artistic heritage. Pieces like mugs, plates, and bowls make for unique and functional souvenirs.

6. Crystal

Waterford Crystal, one of the world’s leading producers of crystal, is located in Ireland. Dublin offers a variety of crystal products, from elegant glassware to decorative ornaments, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any home.

7. Guinness Merchandise

As the birthplace of Guinness, Dublin is synonymous with the iconic stout. You’ll find plenty of Guinness-themed merchandise, including glasses, clothing, and memorabilia, perfect for beer enthusiasts.

best souvenirs from dublin

8. Art and Crafts

Dublin boasts numerous galleries and craft shops showcasing the work of local artists and artisans. Paintings, sculptures, pottery, and other handmade items reflect Ireland’s rich artistic heritage and make for unique souvenirs.

9. Trinity College Treats

These are typically sweets or confectionery items sold as souvenirs at Trinity College Dublin’s gift shop or nearby stores. They often feature the college’s logo or imagery associated with the Book of Kells, a famous medieval manuscript housed at the college.

gray and white concrete building. The best souvenirs from Dublin

10. The Book of Kells

A beautifully illuminated manuscript of the four Gospels, dating back to around 800 AD. It’s one of Ireland’s most significant cultural treasures and is housed at Trinity College Dublin’s library. Souvenirs related to the Book of Kells often include replicas of pages, bookmarks, notebooks, and other items featuring images from the manuscript.

11. Molly Malone in Miniature

Molly Malone is a famous fictional character from the song “Cockles and Mussels.” The statue, located on Suffolk Street, depicts her as a fishmonger. Miniature replicas of this statue are popular souvenirs in Dublin, often found in gift shops around the city.

12. Mr. Tayto

Mr. Tayto is a popular brand of crisps (potato chips) in Ireland. The character Mr. Tayto is a mascot for the brand and is widely recognized. Souvenirs related to Mr. Tayto might include keychains, magnets, or plush toys featuring the character.

13. Wool Products

In addition to Aran sweaters, you can find other wool products like scarves, hats, and blankets, all crafted from high-quality Irish wool, perfect for staying warm during chilly Dublin evenings.

14. Literature

Dublin has a rich literary history, being the birthplace of famous writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and Samuel Beckett. Books by Irish authors or about Irish history and culture make for meaningful souvenirs.

15. Dance Accessories

If you’re a fan of Irish dance or know someone who is, consider picking up accessories like dance shoes, clothing, or even instructional DVDs to bring a piece of Irish dance culture home.

16. Fridge Magnets

From the magnetic allure of Dublin’s diverse landscapes to the lively energy of its rich traditions, these magnets capture the essence of an unforgettable Irish experience.

best souvenirs in Dublin

17.  Traditional Irish Instruments

If you’re musically inclined or know someone who is, consider purchasing a traditional Irish instrument such as a tin whistle, bodhrán (Irish drum), or even a fiddle. These instruments capture the spirit of Irish music and make for unique souvenirs.

18. Clothing and Accessories

From T-shirts featuring Irish sayings or symbols like shamrocks to traditional Celtic jewelry, Dublin offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that celebrate Irish culture and heritage.

19. Tea and Coffee

Ireland has a strong tradition of tea and coffee consumption, so consider bringing home some locally produced blends or brands to enjoy a taste of Dublin’s beverage culture.

20. Language Products

Gaelic, or Irish, is one of Ireland’s official languages, and you can find various products featuring Gaelic phrases or words, such as posters, mugs, or even educational materials to learn the language.

21. Oatcakes and Biscuits

Ireland is known for its delicious oatcakes and biscuits, often made with locally sourced oats and other natural ingredients. 

22. Maps and Travel Guides

If you’re a traveler who loves to explore, consider picking up maps or travel guides of Dublin and Ireland to help plan your next adventure or to reminisce about your time in the city.

23. Beauty Products

Dublin offers a variety of beauty products made with natural Irish ingredients, such as seaweed-based skincare products or handmade soaps crafted with local herbs and botanicals.

24. Art Prints

Explore art prints showcasing Dublin’s iconic landmarks such as Trinity College, Dublin Castle, or the Ha’penny Bridge. These prints beautifully encapsulate the city’s charm and can be framed as timeless mementos.

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