best souvenirs from Gdansk

1. Amber Jewelry

Gdansk is renowned for its amber, particularly Baltic amber, which is fossilized tree resin. Amber jewelry comes in various forms such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Look for pieces with unique designs or featuring local motifs.

person holding gold round ornament

2. Symbols of Gdansk

Look for souvenirs featuring iconic symbols of Gdansk, such as the Neptune Fountain, the historic crane (Żuraw), or images of the city’s skyline. These items can include magnets, keychains, postcards, and artwork depicting these landmarks.

3. Bolesławiec Ceramics

Bolesławiec ceramics, also known as Polish pottery, are famous for their durability and distinctive blue-and-white patterns. These ceramics are hand-painted and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including plates, teapots, and serving bowls.

4. Wooden Crafts

Gdansk and the surrounding region are rich in forests, making woodcrafts a popular souvenir. Look for items such as carved figurines, wooden utensils, and decorative boxes. These crafts often showcase traditional Polish craftsmanship.

5. Textile Products

You can find textile souvenirs such as embroidered items, lacework, and traditional Polish folk costumes. These items make for unique gifts and often feature intricate designs that reflect the region’s cultural heritage.

6. Fridge Magnets

Bring a piece of Gdańsk’s unique charm into your home with fridge magnets capturing everything from the city’s maritime spirit to the lively traditions.

7. Maritime-themed Items

Given Gdansk’s maritime history, you’ll find a variety of souvenirs related to the sea. Look for items such as ship models, sailor-themed decor, nautical-themed clothing, and maritime-inspired artwork. These souvenirs celebrate Gdansk’s connection to the sea and make great gifts for ocean lovers.

people walking on pier during daytime

8. Craft Beer and Spirits

Poland has a thriving craft beer scene, and Gdansk is no exception. Consider picking up some locally brewed craft beers or spirits to enjoy back home. Look for breweries or distilleries offering unique flavors and styles, and don’t forget to check if they offer gift packs or souvenirs like branded glassware or bottle openers.

9. Artisanal Products

Support local artisans by purchasing handmade goods such as leather goods, hand-blown glassware, or handcrafted jewelry. These items showcase the talent and creativity of Gdansk’s artisans and make for unique and meaningful souvenirs.

10. Local Food and Delicacies

Food-related souvenirs are always popular choices. In Gdansk, you can find an array of local delicacies such as traditional Polish sweets like pierniki (gingerbread), toruńskie pierniki (Toruń gingerbread), and krówki (creamy fudge candies). Other options include regional specialties like smoked fish, pickled herring, and locally produced honey or jams.

mini torcik pastry

11. Books and Literature

If you want to learn more about Gdansk’s history, culture, or architecture, consider picking up a book or guidebook about the city. You can also find literature by Polish authors or books featuring local legends and folklore, providing insight into the region’s rich literary heritage.

12. Music and Folk Instruments

Music is an integral part of Polish culture, and you can find traditional folk instruments such as the złóbcoki (a type of wooden flute) or the dudy (bagpipes) as unique souvenirs. 

13. Traditional Polish Crafts

Look for traditional Polish crafts such as intricate papercut artwork (known as wycinanki), hand-painted Easter eggs (pisanki), or wooden folk art sculptures. These items showcase Poland’s rich cultural heritage and make for beautiful and unique souvenirs.

14. Local Specialty Products

Gdansk is known for certain specialty products that make excellent souvenirs. Consider items such as St. Dominic’s Fair gingerbread, which has been a local delicacy for centuries, or Gdansk’s famous Goldwasser liqueur, which contains real gold flakes and is a unique spirit to bring home as a souvenir.

15. Regional Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Poland has a growing beauty industry, and you can find locally produced cosmetics and skincare products featuring natural ingredients such as Baltic amber, honey, or herbs. Look for items like amber-infused creams, honey-based soaps, or botanical skincare products to pamper yourself or loved ones back home.

16. Local Artwork and Prints

Gdansk is home to many talented artists, and you can find a variety of artwork and prints inspired by the city’s architecture, landscapes, and culture. Consider purchasing a painting, print, or photograph to hang on your wall as a reminder of your time in Gdansk.

panoramic photo of buildings facing body of water

17.  Historical Reproductions and Antiques

If you’re a history enthusiast, consider browsing antique shops or markets for historical reproductions or authentic artifacts. You might find items such as vintage maps, antique coins, or replica medieval weaponry that evoke the rich history of Gdansk and Poland.

18. Customized or Personalized Souvenirs

For a truly unique souvenir, consider commissioning a customized or personalized item. This could be anything from a piece of jewelry engraved with your name or a special date to a custom-made piece of artwork featuring your favorite Gdansk landmarks or memories from your trip.

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