best souvenirs from ghent

1. Ghent Gruut

This medieval-style beer is brewed using a blend of herbs instead of hops, giving it a unique flavor and a connection to Ghent’s past.

2. Cuberdon

These cone-shaped candies, also known as “noses of Ghent,” are made from raspberry-flavored gum paste and are a local favorite.

3. Chocolate

Ghent, like many cities in Belgium, boasts a variety of chocolate shops offering pralines, truffles, and other delectable treats.

4. Beer

With a rich brewing tradition, Ghent offers an array of locally brewed beers, including famous varieties like Tripel and Quadrupel.

5. Lace

Exquisite lacework is a traditional craft in Ghent, with delicate designs often found in handkerchiefs, tablecloths, and clothing.

6. Speculoos

These spiced cookies, often shaped like windmills or Saint Nicholas, are a popular Belgian treat and make for a tasty souvenir.

7. Postcards

Capture the city’s picturesque scenery and landmarks with postcards featuring iconic sites such as Gravensteen Castle and the Graslei waterfront.

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8. Ghent-themed Merchandise

Look for items like T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags adorned with Ghent’s coat of arms or illustrations of its notable landmarks.

9. Artisanal Crafts

Explore local markets and shops for handmade ceramics, pottery, and other artisanal goods crafted by Ghent’s skilled artisans.

10. City Guidebooks

Bring home a guidebook or map to help you reminisce about your time in Ghent and plan future visits.

11. Mustard

Known for its tangy flavor, Ghent mustard is a beloved condiment that can be found in various flavors and strengths.

12. Ghent Waffles

While Belgian waffles are famous throughout the country, you can find unique varieties in Ghent, such as waffles topped with local fruits or chocolate.

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13. Blue Stone

This distinctive bluestone, quarried locally, has been used for centuries in the construction of Ghent’s buildings and monuments. Miniature replicas or polished pieces make for unique souvenirs.

14. Artwork

Take home a piece of local art depicting scenes from Ghent’s streets, canals, and architecture, created by talented local artists.

15. Floral Arrangements

Ghent’s flower markets offer vibrant bouquets and arrangements featuring locally grown blooms, perfect for bringing a touch of Ghent’s beauty into your home.

16. Ghent City Pass

If you’ve enjoyed exploring Ghent’s attractions, consider purchasing a Ghent City Pass as a souvenir, which offers discounted admission to museums, guided tours, and other experiences.

17. Literature

Delve into Ghent’s rich literary history with books by local authors or about the city’s cultural heritage, available in various languages at bookstores and gift shops.

18. Jewelry

Look for jewelry inspired by Ghent’s landmarks, symbols, and history, such as pendants shaped like the Gravensteen Castle or earrings featuring the city’s coat of arms.

19. Bicycle Accessories

Ghent is known as a bicycle-friendly city, so consider picking up bicycle-themed souvenirs like bike bells, saddle covers, or cycling jerseys adorned with Ghent motifs.

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20. Festival Memorabilia

If you’re visiting during one of Ghent’s many festivals, such as the Ghent Festival of Flanders or the Gentse Feesten, commemorative items like posters or pins can serve as lasting reminders of your time in the city.

21. Stationery

Pick up notebooks, stationery sets, or greeting cards featuring illustrations or photographs of Ghent’s landmarks, perfect for sending messages to loved ones or journaling about your travels.

22. Ghent Biscuits

These buttery cookies, often flavored with spices like cinnamon or ginger, are a delicious snack to bring home as a souvenir or enjoy during your journey.

23. Kitchenware

Look for kitchen accessories such as aprons, oven mitts, or tea towels adorned with Ghent motifs or patterns, adding a touch of local charm to your culinary endeavors.

24. Antiques

Hunt for unique antique treasures at Ghent’s flea markets and vintage shops, including furniture, decorative items, and curiosities that offer a glimpse into the city’s past.

25. Fridge Magnets

Capture the essence of Ghent’s unique charm with magnets depicting the city’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant local traditions. These magnets serve as delightful reminders of your memorable experience in this captivating Belgian city.

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