best souvenirs from gibraltar

1. Barbary macaque-themed souvenirs

The Barbary macaques are the only wild monkey population in Europe, and they are a major tourist attraction in Gibraltar. You can find various souvenirs featuring these playful creatures, such as plush toys, figurines, or artwork.

brown monkey on gray concrete wall during daytime

2. Food and drinks

Traditional Gibraltar sweets, wines, and spirits offer a taste of the territory’s culinary heritage. Look for local specialties like almond pastries, wines from nearby vineyards, or unique spirits crafted in Gibraltar.

3. Gibraltar-themed clothing

T-shirts, hats, and scarves adorned with Gibraltar-related designs or slogans are commonly found in souvenir shops. They often feature iconic landmarks like the Gibraltar Rock or the Strait of Gibraltar, along with phrases celebrating the territory’s unique identity.

4. Gibraltar flag memorabilia

The flag of Gibraltar is a symbol of the territory’s sovereignty and cultural identity. You can find flags of various sizes, as well as patches or pins featuring the flag, allowing visitors to proudly display their connection to Gibraltar.

5. Gibraltar Rock souvenirs

The Gibraltar Rock is a prominent landmark and symbol of Gibraltar. Souvenirs featuring the Rock often include its silhouette against a sunset or sunrise, or with the Gibraltar flag waving atop it. Keychains, magnets, and postcards are popular choices.

cliff beside seashore

6. Themed crafts

Handcrafted pottery, jewelry, and artwork inspired by Gibraltar’s culture and heritage make for unique souvenirs. Look for items featuring Moorish influences, maritime themes, or scenes from Gibraltar’s history and natural beauty. 

7. Home decor

Bring a piece of Gibraltar into your home with decorative items such as ceramic tiles, wall art, or decorative plates featuring scenes of landscapes, architecture, or historical sites.

8. Gibraltar-themed accessories

Explore a variety of accessories like tote bags, wallets, or cases adorned with Gibraltar-inspired designs. These functional items allow you to carry a piece of Gibraltar with you wherever you go.

9. Literature

Browse through books, maps, or guidebooks about Gibraltar’s history, culture, and attractions. Whether you’re interested in the territory’s military heritage, its wildlife, or its culinary traditions, there’s something for every visitor to learn and enjoy.

10. Tech accessories

Find smartphone cases, laptop sleeves, or headphones decorated with Gibraltar-themed designs or patterns. 

11. Collectibles

Explore a range of collectible items such as coins, stamps, or commemorative medals featuring Gibraltar-related motifs or historical events. These unique and often limited-edition pieces appeal to collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

12. Photography prints

Bring home stunning photography prints showcasing Gibraltar’s landscapes, wildlife, or architectural marvels. Choose from a variety of prints in different sizes and styles to adorn your walls and evoke fond memories of your visit to Gibraltar.

pink flowers across white and red lighthouse during daytime

13. Fridge Magnets

From the magnetic allure of the iconic Rock to the vibrant energy of Gibraltar’s local traditions, these magnets capture the essence of a distinctive and unforgettable island experience.

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