Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

1. Limoncello

This lemon liqueur is a staple in Naples and can be found in many shops throughout the city. It’s a refreshing and iconic drink that makes for a tasty souvenir.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

2. Cameos

Naples is known for its intricate cameo jewelry, often crafted from seashells or other materials. These beautiful pieces make for unique and elegant souvenirs.

3. Lucky Horns (Cornicello)

Also known as the “Italian Horn,” the cornicello is a twisted horn-shaped amulet often made of silver or red coral. It’s believed to protect against the evil eye and bring good luck.

4. Nativity Scenes (Presepe)

Naples is famous for its elaborate nativity scenes, particularly during the Christmas season. Artisans meticulously craft detailed figurines and scenes depicting the birth of Jesus, often including characters from Neapolitan folklore and daily life.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

5. Marinella Ties

Marinella ties are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Handmade from luxurious silk in Naples, they’re often characterized by vibrant colors and intricate patterns, making them a symbol of Italian elegance and style.

6. Coral and Mother of Pearl

Naples is known for its beautiful coral jewelry and intricate mother of pearl crafts. These items are often handmade by local artisans and are popular souvenirs for visitors to the region.

7. Gay Odin

Gay Odin is a historic chocolate shop in Naples, famous for its artisanal chocolates and sweets. Established in 1894, it offers a wide range of delicious treats, including pralines, truffles, and chocolate-covered fruits.

8. Talarico Umbrellas

Talarico is a renowned umbrella maker in Naples, crafting high-quality umbrellas and parasols since 1860. Each umbrella is meticulously handmade using traditional techniques, and they’re often considered both functional accessories and works of art.

9. Pulcinella

Pulcinella is a classical character from Neapolitan puppetry and commedia dell’arte. He’s known for his distinctive costume featuring a large, hooked nose and hunchback, and he’s often depicted as a mischievous and witty servant character in traditional performances and souvenirs.

10. Pizza-themed items

Given that Naples is the birthplace of pizza, you’ll find plenty of pizza-themed souvenirs, such as aprons, oven mitts, and magnets, celebrating this culinary tradition.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

11. Taralli

These traditional Italian snacks are similar to pretzels and come in various flavors. They’re a delicious and portable souvenir option.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

12. Neapolitan espresso cups

Neapolitans take their coffee seriously, so espresso cups featuring traditional Neapolitan designs or motifs make for a practical and cultural souvenir.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

13. Hand-painted maiolica ceramics

Naples is famous for its vibrant and colorful maiolica ceramics, featuring intricate designs inspired by local flora, fauna, and mythology. These make for beautiful and timeless souvenirs.

14. Bottarga

This cured fish roe is a delicacy in Naples and makes for a unique culinary souvenir for food enthusiasts.

15. Sfogliatella

This iconic Neapolitan pastry is a must-try while visiting Naples, and you can also buy packaged versions to take home as edible souvenirs.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

16. Traditional Neapolitan clothing

Consider purchasing traditional Neapolitan clothing items such as scarves, shawls, or even a tailored shirt or dress made from local fabrics.

17. Handmade leather goods

Naples has a thriving leather industry, and you can find a variety of handmade leather goods, including bags, belts, and wallets, in local shops.

18. Bottles of local wine

Naples and the surrounding region produce some excellent wines, so consider picking up a bottle or two of local wine to enjoy at home or give as gifts.

19. Artisanal soaps and perfumes

Naples is known for its artisanal soaps and perfumes, often made from natural ingredients and featuring unique scents inspired by the region.

20. Traditional musical instruments

If you’re interested in music, consider purchasing a traditional Neapolitan musical instrument such as a mandolin or a tambourine as a souvenir.

21. Postcards and artwork

Take home a piece of Naples’ stunning scenery with postcards or prints featuring iconic landmarks such as Mount Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, or the city’s historic streets.

Tip: Remember to explore local markets, boutique shops, and artisan workshops to find the best selection of authentic souvenirs that capture the spirit of Naples.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Naples

22. Spices and herbs

Naples is known for its flavorful cuisine, so why not bring home some of the local spices and herbs used in traditional Neapolitan dishes? Look for blends like oregano, basil, and red pepper flakes.

23. Neapolitan tarantellas

These traditional folk dance songs are a significant part of Naples’ cultural heritage. You can find CDs or digital downloads of Neapolitan music featuring tarantellas to enjoy at home.

24. Books on Neapolitan culture and history

Dive deeper into the rich history and culture of Naples with books written by local authors or historians. Topics range from Neapolitan cuisine to the city’s tumultuous past.

25. Bottles of local liqueurs

In addition to limoncello, Naples produces a variety of other delicious liqueurs, such as nocino (made from walnuts) or finocchietto (made from wild fennel). These make for unique and flavorful souvenirs.

26. Handcrafted marionettes

Naples has a rich tradition of puppetry, and handcrafted marionettes are a popular souvenir choice. You can find intricately made puppets depicting characters from Neapolitan folklore and history.

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