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1. Savon de Marseille (Marseille Soap)

Dive into the tradition of this renowned soap, crafted with the purest olive oil. Its soothing properties and iconic cube shape make it a quintessential Marseille souvenir.

a number of different types of soaps on display

2. Navette Cookies

Navettes are traditional boat-shaped biscuits that originated in Marseille. Typically flavored with orange blossom water, these crunchy cookies have become a symbol of the city. Offering a delicate balance of sweetness and floral notes, Navettes are a delightful souvenir to share a taste of Marseille’s culinary heritage.

3. Pastis

Embrace the spirit of Provence with a bottle of Pastis, the anise-flavored aperitif deeply rooted in the region’s heritage. It’s a taste of the Mediterranean in every sip.

4. Poterie Provençale

Bring home the vibrant colors and patterns of Marseille through intricately designed pottery. From plates to decorative items, these hand-painted pieces capture the essence of Provençal craftsmanship.

5. Map of Marseille

Delve into the intricacies of Marseille with a beautifully detailed map, a thoughtful and informative souvenir. Whether framed or presented as a vintage-style print, it serves as a visual memoir of your exploration of the city’s rich history and diverse landscapes.

6. L’Espérentines

L’Espérentines are exquisite almond-based pastries that are a true specialty of Marseille. These delicate treats are made with finely ground almonds, sugar, and a hint of orange blossom water. Their distinct shape and rich, nutty flavor make them a sought-after souvenir, providing a sweet taste of Provence.

7. A Pétanque Boules Set

Pétanque is a beloved traditional game in Marseille, and a set of Pétanque boules makes for an excellent and authentic souvenir. These metal balls, used in the game, come in various sizes and designs. Bringing home a Pétanque boules set allows you to embrace a piece of Marseille’s cultural and recreational heritage.

a group of balls sitting on top of a sandy ground

8. Haute Couture

Marseille has a burgeoning fashion scene, and exploring local boutiques for Haute Couture pieces is a fantastic way to bring home a touch of the city’s style. Consider garments or accessories from local designers to infuse your wardrobe with a piece of Marseille’s unique fashion culture. This could include elegant pieces reflecting the Mediterranean influence on fashion in the region.

9. Provençal Fabrics

Adorn your home with the lively patterns of Provençal fabrics. Tablecloths, napkins, or scarves featuring the vibrant colors of the region make for both practical and charming souvenirs.

10. Fisherman’s Hat

Channel the coastal spirit with a traditional Fisherman’s hat, known locally as a “Barquette.” This iconic headwear not only provides shade but also serves as a fashionable reminder of Marseille’s maritime heritage.

11. Bouillabaisse Spices

Recreate the flavors of Marseille’s famous fish stew with a blend of authentic Bouillabaisse spices. A culinary souvenir that brings the taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.

cooked food on brown ceramic plate

12. Shell-shaped Madeleines

Marseille is known for its delightful shell-shaped madeleines, which are small sponge cakes with a soft and moist texture. Often flavored with lemon or orange zest, these sweet treats are a perfect representation of the region’s culinary charm. They come individually wrapped, making them a convenient and delicious souvenir.

13. Marseille-Branded Merchandise

Show off your Marseille pride with branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, tote bags, or mugs adorned with the city’s emblematic symbols.

14. Calissons

Indulge in the sweetness of Calissons, almond-shaped confections made with almonds and candied fruit. These delectable treats are a taste of Provençal gastronomy.

15. Local Artwork

Support local artists by acquiring paintings, prints, or photographs depicting Marseille’s scenic beauty. These artworks capture the city’s essence and make for meaningful decorations in your home.

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16. Tote Bag

Elevate your style with a chic and functional tote bag adorned with Marseille’s symbols, landmarks, or artistic designs. It’s a trendy way to carry your belongings while expressing your connection to this vibrant Mediterranean city.

17. Lavender Products

Immerse yourself in the fragrant fields of Provence with lavender-infused products. From sachets to essential oils, these items capture the essence of the region’s blooming lavender fields.

18. Marseille-Style Cutlery

Upgrade your kitchen with traditional Marseille-style cutlery. Known for its craftsmanship, these knives often feature vibrant handles and are both practical and stylish.

19. Wines

Explore the vineyards surrounding Marseille and bring home a bottle of local wine. From crisp whites to robust reds, the diverse terroir of the region is reflected in its exceptional wines.

20. Marseille Panoramic View Posters

Capture the breathtaking vistas of Marseille with panoramic view posters. These visually stunning prints showcase the city’s skyline, offering a piece of its charm to adorn your walls.

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21. Marseille Guidebooks and Literature

Immerse yourself in the city’s history and culture through guidebooks or literature written by local authors. These insights offer a deeper understanding of Marseille’s vibrant past and present.

22. Fishing Equipment

For those drawn to the maritime heritage, consider picking up a small piece of fishing equipment, such as a fishing net or maritime-themed accessories, as a nod to Marseille’s seafaring traditions.

23. Santon Figurines

Start or enhance your collection of Santon figurines, traditional handmade clay nativity scene characters. Marseille has a rich tradition of Santon craftsmanship, making these figurines a charming and culturally significant souvenir.

24. Handwoven Provençal Baskets

Carry a piece of Provence with you through handwoven baskets adorned with vibrant colors and patterns. These functional and stylish baskets are perfect for shopping or adding a touch of Provençal flair to your home.

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