best souvenirs from nuremberg

1. Handmade Gingerbread (Lebkuchen)

Nuremberg is renowned for its delicious gingerbread, known as “Lebkuchen.” These spiced cookies often come in various shapes and sizes, decorated with icing or chocolate. They are a popular treat during the Christmas season and can be found in charming, decorative tins.

2. Nuremberg Sausages (Nürnberger Bratwurst)

These small, grilled sausages are a local specialty and have a distinctive flavor due to their unique blend of spices. Traditionally served in sets of three with sauerkraut or a roll, they make for a tasty and authentic Nuremberg culinary souvenir.

3. Traditional Wooden Toys

Nuremberg has a long history of toy making, and traditional wooden toys are a classic souvenir. Look for handcrafted wooden figurines, puzzles, and dolls, often found at local markets or specialty shops. These toys often reflect the region’s rich craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

4. Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

If you visit Nuremberg during the Christmas season, the city’s Christkindlesmarkt is a treasure trove of festive items. Hand-blown glass ornaments, nutcrackers, and other Christmas decorations are popular souvenirs, each uniquely crafted and reflecting the holiday spirit.

5. Zwetschgenmännle (Prune People)

These are little figurines made from dried prunes, walnuts, and figs. Artisans create intricate characters, often depicting traditional professions or fairy tale figures. They are charming and unique to the region.

6. Plum Jam (Zwetschgenmarmelade)

Nuremberg is famous for its plums, and the plum jam from this region is a delicious and authentic souvenir. Look for jars of locally made plum jam to bring a taste of Nuremberg home with you.

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7. Bratwurst Spice Mix

Recreate the flavors of Nuremberg sausages at home by purchasing a spice mix. These blends typically include a combination of marjoram, mace, and other spices that give the sausages their distinctive taste.

8. Albrecht Dürer Merchandise

Albrecht Dürer, a renowned German Renaissance artist, was born in Nuremberg. You can find souvenirs featuring his famous works, such as prints, postcards, or other items showcasing his artistic legacy.

9. Historical Maps or Prints

Nuremberg has a rich history, and you may find antique-style maps or prints depicting the city’s landmarks and historical sites. These can make for unique and visually appealing souvenirs.

Tip: Remember to explore local markets, souvenir shops, and specialty stores to discover the full range of unique items that capture the spirit of Nuremberg.

10. Goldschläger

This is a traditional herbal liqueur that contains real gold flakes. It’s a unique and local spirit, often enjoyed as a digestif. You can find bottles of Goldschläger in liquor stores or specialty shops.

11. Gingerbread House Kits

Take home the experience of decorating your own gingerbread house by purchasing a kit. These kits often include pre-baked gingerbread pieces, icing, and candy decorations, allowing you to recreate a piece of Nuremberg’s festive atmosphere.

12. Mustard (Nürnberger Senf)

This mustard is a flavorful condiment that pairs well with the local sausages. Look for different varieties, including sweet or spicy, and bring a taste of Nuremberg’s culinary heritage back with you.

13. Castle Souvenirs

Nuremberg Castle is a prominent landmark, and you can find souvenirs like keychains, postcards, or miniature replicas of the castle. These items make for great mementos of your visit to this historical site.

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14. Traditional German Steins

Nuremberg, like many German cities, has a strong beer culture. Purchase a traditional beer stein adorned with regional designs or motifs. It’s a classic and practical souvenir for those who appreciate German beer culture.

15. Fridge Magnets

From the magnetic allure of Nuremberg Castle to the vibrant energy of local festivals, these magnets capture the essence of the city’s rich culture and history. Bring a piece of Nuremberg’s charm into your home with these delightful magnets.

16. Black Beer

This dark beer is a local specialty with a rich flavor. Pick up a bottle or two to savor the taste of this regional brew.

17.  Local Artisanal Chocolates

Look for chocolates crafted by local artisans, featuring unique flavors and packaging inspired by Nuremberg’s culture and history.

18. Marzipan

Marzipan is a sweet treat made from almonds and sugar. In Nuremberg, you can find marzipan shaped into various forms, including fruits, animals, or even historical figures.

19. Bavarian-style Clothing

Consider purchasing traditional Bavarian clothing, such as a dirndl for women or lederhosen for men. These outfits are not only authentic but also make for a distinctive and memorable souvenir.

20. Local Art and Crafts

Explore galleries and artisan shops for locally crafted art and crafts. This could include paintings, sculptures, or handcrafted items that showcase the talent of local artists.

21. Literature

If you enjoy reading, look for books or literature about Nuremberg’s history, culture, or famous personalities. It’s a thoughtful way to delve deeper into the city’s story.

22. Christmas Pyramids

These traditional wooden decorations are reminiscent of the Christmas season. Pyramids consist of rotating tiers with miniature figurines and are often handcrafted, making them a charming and festive souvenir.

23. Coins or Tokens

Collectible coins or tokens featuring Nuremberg’s landmarks or historical events can make for unique and meaningful souvenirs. Look for them at local shops or historical sites.

24. Souvenir Plates

Decorative plates featuring iconic landmarks or scenes from Nuremberg can be both practical and decorative. They serve as a great reminder of your visit and can be displayed in your home.

25. Artistic Postcards

 Immerse yourself in Nuremberg’s essence through artistic postcards. Each card captures the city’s enduring charm, featuring iconic landmarks, the meandering Pegnitz River, and the unique atmosphere of its medieval streets. Share the beauty with friends or keep them as cherished reminders.

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