best souvenirs from orlando

1. Mickey Mouse Ears

These are not just iconic headwear; they are a symbol of the Disney experience. Mickey Mouse Ears come in various designs, including classic black ears, themed ears based on Disney characters or movies, and customizable options with names embroidered on them.

2. Harry Potter Merchandise

Found primarily at Universal Orlando Resort’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you can find a wide range of magical items such as interactive wands, Hogwarts house apparel and accessories, Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and replica props from the movies.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

3. Theme Park Guidebooks and Maps

Pick up guidebooks and maps from the theme parks to remember your visit and to help plan future trips. These often include insider tips, attraction descriptions, and beautiful illustrations.

4. Citrus-themed Gifts

Florida is known for its citrus fruits, especially oranges. Souvenirs in this category often include orange-scented candles, citrus-scented bath and body products, citrus-flavored candies and snacks, as well as clothing and accessories featuring citrus motifs or Florida’s citrus groves.

5. NASA Space Center Memorabilia

Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center can find a range of space-themed souvenirs, including astronaut figurines, space shuttle models, mission patches, t-shirts featuring NASA logos or space-related designs, and replica space suits.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

6. Astronaut Helmet from Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center, located on Florida’s Space Coast, offers a wide range of space-themed souvenirs. One of the most iconic items is a replica astronaut helmet. These helmets often come in different sizes and styles, resembling those worn by real astronauts during space missions. They make excellent mementos for space enthusiasts, providing a tangible connection to the history and excitement of space exploration.

7. Theme Park Apparel

Besides Mickey Mouse ears and Harry Potter merchandise, both Disney and Universal offer a wide range of apparel featuring beloved characters, park logos, and themed designs. This includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.

8. Gator-related Items

Reflecting Florida’s abundant wildlife, alligator-themed souvenirs are popular. These can include plush alligators, alligator-shaped keychains, wallets, hats, and even edible items like alligator jerky or gummy candies shaped like alligators.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

9. Sponges from Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs, located near Orlando, is famous for its sponge diving industry. You can find various types of natural sea sponges harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. These sponges make unique and practical souvenirs, ranging from small decorative pieces to larger ones used for bathing or cleaning. Sponges are often sold in local shops and markets throughout Tarpon Springs.

10. Jedi Training Diploma Certificate

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, you can participate in the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple experience. Young Star Wars fans get the chance to train as Jedi and face off against villains like Darth Vader. As part of the experience, participants receive a Jedi Training Diploma Certificate, commemorating their completion of the training. These certificates typically feature Star Wars-themed designs and serve as cherished souvenirs for children and families participating in the Jedi training program.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

11. Postcards and Art Prints

Many gift shops in Orlando offer postcards and art prints featuring iconic landmarks, scenes from theme parks, and local artwork. These make great souvenirs to frame or send to friends and family.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

12. Character Autograph Books

If you’re visiting Disney World or other theme parks with character meet-and-greets, an autograph book is a fun way to collect signatures from your favorite characters.

13. Theme Park Pins

Pin trading is a popular activity at Disney parks, and you can find a wide variety of collectible pins featuring characters, attractions, special events, and more.

14. Local Craft Items

Explore Orlando’s local craft scene by picking up handmade items such as jewelry, pottery, artwork, and home decor from artisan markets or specialty boutiques.

15. Theme Park Exclusive Snacks

Many theme parks in Orlando offer unique snacks and treats that you can’t find elsewhere. Look for items like Mickey-shaped pretzels, Butterbeer (at Universal), themed candies, and specialty popcorn flavors.

16. Magnets and Fridge Decor

Magnets featuring Orlando attractions or themed designs are popular souvenirs that are both practical and decorative. They make great additions to any fridge or magnetic surface.

17. Themed Home Decor

Bring a piece of the magic home with themed home decor items like ornaments, throw pillows, blankets, and kitchenware featuring your favorite characters or park themes.

18. Local Food and Beverage

Don’t forget to grab some local specialties to take home, such as citrus fruit, Florida honey, hot sauces, or locally roasted coffee beans.

19. SeaWorld Keepsakes

At SeaWorld Orlando, you will find souvenirs representing the park’s marine life focus. This includes plush toys of dolphins, whales, penguins, and other sea creatures, as well as t-shirts, hats, mugs, and photo frames adorned with marine-themed designs.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

20. Themed Photo Frames

Preserve your memories in themed photo frames featuring Disney characters, Universal attractions, or other Orlando landmarks. These frames make great additions to your home decor.

21. Resort Merchandise

Many of the resorts in Orlando offer their own exclusive merchandise, including logo apparel, mugs, and souvenirs specific to the resort’s theme or amenities.

22. Orlando-themed Christmas Ornaments

If you’re visiting during the holiday season or simply want a festive souvenir, look for Christmas ornaments featuring Orlando landmarks, theme park characters, or local icons.

Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Orlando

23. Local Wildlife Books and Guides

Learn more about Florida’s diverse wildlife with books and guides featuring information and illustrations of native species like manatees, dolphins, birds, and reptiles.

24. Personalized Souvenirs

Some shops in Orlando offer personalized souvenirs such as custom-made keychains, engraved jewelry, or printed t-shirts with your name or a special message.

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