best souvenirs from puerto rico

1. Salsa and Latin music CDs

Puerto Rico is known for its lively music scene, so CDs featuring local artists or salsa music are often sought after souvenirs.

2. Rum

They are famous for their rum production, with brands like Bacardi and Don Q originating from the island. Bottles of rum or miniatures make great gifts.

orange and white labeled bottle on beach sand during daytime. Best souvenirs from puerto rico.

3. Coffee

The “café de Puerto Rico” is renowned for its quality and flavor. Bags of locally grown coffee beans or ground coffee are popular souvenirs.

4. Handcrafted items

Examples of artisanal crafts in Puerto Rico encompass a wide range, from coconut carvings and lace dresses to santos (saint figurines for home altars) and furniture. These crafts often feature iconic symbols such as the Puerto Rican flag, the coqui frog, or the Taino sun. In Puerto Rico, artisanal goods are readily available, with vendors commonly found in plazas, near beaches, and alongside rows of restaurants and food stalls known as kiosks.

5. Sweets and treats

Puerto Rican sweets like dulce de leche, mantecaditos (shortbread cookies), and coconut-based treats are popular for bringing a taste of the island home.

6. Mundillo

Mundillo refers to intricate lacework made by hand on a small lace-making device called a mundillo. This delicate craft has been practiced in Puerto Rico for centuries and produces beautiful lace designs used for clothing, home decor, and souvenirs.

7. Tainos souvenirs

Products featuring motifs and designs inspired by the indigenous Taino culture, such as artwork, jewelry, and ornaments, are popular choices.

a large face carved into the side of a mountain

8. Mofongo kits

Mofongo, a traditional Puerto Rican dish made with fried plantains, is a beloved culinary delight. Mofongo kits containing ingredients like plantain mash and seasonings allow visitors to recreate the dish at home.

9. Santo figurines

Puerto Rico is known for its intricate and colorful hand-carved wooden statues depicting saints and religious figures, making them popular souvenirs.

10. Cigars

The country produces high-quality cigars, and purchasing a box or a few individual cigars can be a memorable souvenir for cigar enthusiasts.

11. Coquito

Coquito is a traditional holiday drink similar to eggnog but made with coconut milk, rum, and spices. Bringing home a bottle of homemade or commercially produced coquito can be a tasty souvenir.

clear drinking glass with white liquid inside

12. Adobo seasoning

Adobo is a versatile seasoning blend used in their cuisine. Buying a jar of adobo seasoning allows you to add a taste of Puerto Rican flavor to your dishes back home.

13. Flags and apparel

Flags, T-shirts, hats, and other items featuring the Puerto Rican flag or symbols of Puerto Rican pride are popular souvenirs for those looking to display their love for the island.

best souvenirs from puerto rico

14. Cookbooks

Bringing home a cookbook featuring traditional Puerto Rican recipes allows you to recreate the flavors of the island in your own kitchen.

15. Vejigantes

Vejigantes are colorful, mask-wearing characters often seen during Puerto Rican festivals, particularly the Carnival of Ponce. These characters represent a blend of African, Spanish, and Caribbean influences and are known for their vibrant costumes and elaborate masks.

16. Hand-painted domino sets

Dominoes is a popular pastime in Puerto Rico, and hand-painted domino sets featuring vibrant designs or local motifs make for unique souvenirs and gifts.

best souvenirs from puerto rico

17. Cascarones

Colorful eggshells filled with confetti, cascarones are often used in celebrations like Carnival. They make fun and festive souvenirs to bring home.

18. Local spices and herbs

Aside from adobo seasoning, Puerto Rico offers a variety of locally grown spices and herbs, such as sofrito, sazón, and cilantro, which can enhance your cooking with authentic flavors.

We recommend recao which is a herb commonly used in Puerto Rican cuisine to add flavor to dishes such as sofrito, a popular seasoning base used in many recipes.

19. Local artwork

Explore local galleries and markets for paintings, prints, and other artwork created by Puerto Rican artists. You might find pieces that capture the beauty of the island’s landscapes, culture, and traditions.

San Juan Antiguo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

20. Hot sauce

Known as “pique,” Puerto Rican hot sauce comes in various flavors and heat levels. Bottles of this spicy condiment can add a kick to your meals and serve as a memorable souvenir.

21. Lotería de Puerto Rico

Lotería is a traditional Puerto Rican board game similar to bingo. Bringing home a set allows you to enjoy this popular pastime with friends and family.

22. Hammocks

Handwoven hammocks made from cotton or nylon are a symbol of relaxation and leisure in Puerto Rico. Bringing one home allows you to experience the island’s laid-back lifestyle.

Alternatively and similar to traditional hammocks, hammock chairs are also perfect for relaxing indoors or outdoors. 

best souvenirs from puerto rico

23. Tostones Press

Tostones, or fried plantains, are a staple in Puerto Rican cuisine. A tostones press allows you to easily flatten and fry plantains at home, bringing a taste of the island to your kitchen.

24. Literature

Books by Puerto Rican authors or about Puerto Rican history and culture make meaningful souvenirs for book lovers interested in learning more about the island.

25. Piragua Cart Model

Piraguas are Puerto Rican shaved ice treats flavored with tropical syrups. A miniature piragua cart model serves as a charming reminder of the island’s street food culture.

26. Maracas

Maracas, traditional percussion instruments made from gourds filled with seeds or beans, are often associated with Puerto Rican music. Bringing home a pair of hand-painted maracas allows you to create your own musical rhythms.

27. Pineapple Peeler

Pineapples are abundant in Puerto Rico, and a pineapple peeler makes it easy to enjoy this tropical fruit. Bringing one home allows you to recreate the island’s delicious pineapple dishes with ease.

Best Souvenirs from Puerto Rico

28. Beach Towels

Colorful beach towels featuring tropical designs or iconic Puerto Rican landmarks are both practical and stylish souvenirs, perfect for reminiscing about your time on the island.

29. Pilon

A pilon is a traditional wooden mortar and pestle used in Puerto Rican kitchens to crush and grind ingredients like garlic, herbs, and spices. It’s an essential tool for making mofongo, a classic Puerto Rican dish made from mashed plantains and other ingredients.

best souvenirs from puerto rico

30. Guiro

The guiro is a percussion instrument made from a hollowed-out gourd with parallel notches carved into one side. It is played by rubbing a stick or scraper along the notches to create rhythmic patterns and is commonly used in Puerto Rican music, particularly in genres like plena and salsa.

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