best souvenirs from sarajevo

1. Bosnian coffee set

Traditional Bosnian coffee sets, consisting of a džezva (coffee pot), fildžan (small coffee cup), and a čokalija (sugar cube holder), are highly sought after by tourists.

2. Handcrafted copperware

Sarajevo is renowned for its skilled craftsmen who create beautiful copper items such as pots, plates, and trays. These items often feature intricate designs and make for exquisite souvenirs.

3. Bosnian delights

Sarajevo’s markets offer a wide array of delicious Bosnian sweets such as Turkish delight (lokum), baklava, and various types of nougat. These treats are perfect for those looking to bring a taste of Bosnia home with them.

best souvenirs from sarajevo

4. Cozy slippers

Sarajevo’s markets often offer a selection of warm and comfortable slippers, perfect for keeping feet warm during cold winter months. These slippers come in various styles and designs, making them both practical and stylish souvenirs.

5. Bascarsija old bazaar-themed items

Visitors can find souvenirs inspired by Sarajevo’s historic Bascarsija old bazaar, such as miniature replicas, artwork, and decorative items featuring iconic landmarks and scenes from the bazaar.

6. Magnets

Magnets featuring images of Sarajevo’s landmarks, scenery, and cultural symbols are popular souvenirs for travelers looking to decorate their refrigerators or metal surfaces with reminders of their visit to the city.

best souvenirs from sarajevo

7. Literature

Bookstores in Sarajevo offer a selection of Bosnian literature, including works by renowned Bosnian authors and poets. Visitors can find books translated into various languages, allowing them to explore Bosnian culture and history through literature.

8. Ottoman-inspired home decor

Visitors can find a variety of home decor items inspired by Sarajevo’s Ottoman heritage, including lamps, lanterns, and decorative tiles featuring intricate geometric patterns.

a display of souvenirs and souvenirs for sale

9. Bosnian wine and rakija

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a growing wine industry, and Sarajevo offers a selection of local wines and rakija (fruit brandy) for visitors to enjoy or take home as souvenirs.

10. Handwoven textiles

Sarajevo is known for its skilled weavers who produce beautiful textiles such as scarves, shawls, and tablecloths. These textiles often showcase vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

11. Filigree jewelry

Filigree is a delicate form of jewelry-making using fine threads of gold or silver. Sarajevo boasts a rich tradition of filigree craftsmanship, and visitors can find a variety of stunning filigree jewelry pieces to take home.

12. Traditional Bosnian carpets

Bosnian carpets, known as “Bosančica,” are intricately woven with colorful geometric patterns. These carpets are not only decorative but also hold cultural significance, making them popular souvenirs.

blue and yellow flag near door

13. Hand-painted ceramics

Sarajevo is home to talented ceramic artists who produce unique and vibrant pottery pieces. From plates and bowls to decorative tiles, hand-painted ceramics make for eye-catching souvenirs.

14. Traditional clothing

Some shops offer authentic Bosnian clothing items such as vests, jackets, and hats, made using traditional techniques and materials. These items allow visitors to take a piece of Bosnian culture home with them.

15. Traditional Bosnian music and instruments

Visitors interested in music can find CDs featuring traditional Bosnian music or even authentic Bosnian musical instruments like the šargija (a type of long-necked lute) or the zurna (a wind instrument).

16.  Traditional Spices

Sarajevo’s markets are a treasure trove of spices used in Bosnian cuisine. Visitors can find blends like Bosnian vegeta (a seasoning mix), as well as individual spices such as sumac, paprika, and cumin.

17.  Honey and ajvar

Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its delicious honey and ajvar (a savory pepper spread). Visitors can find jars of these traditional delicacies at markets and specialty shops throughout Sarajevo.

18. Hand-carved wooden items

Visitors can find intricately carved wooden items such as utensils, jewelry boxes, and decorative ornaments, often featuring traditional Bosnian motifs.

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