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Exploring the historic streets of Edinburgh is a journey through time and culture, and what better way to capture the essence of this fascinating city than through its diverse array of souvenirs? 

From traditional Scottish tartans to unique trinkets nestled in the heart of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh’s souvenir scene is a magical tapestry of history and craftsmanship. 

In this blog post, we’ll embark on a virtual tour of the city’s souvenir shops, uncovering the stories behind these cherished mementos that allow you to take a piece of Edinburgh home with you.

1. Tartan Items

Tartan is a traditional Scottish pattern, often associated with specific clans. You can find a variety of items such as scarves, ties, blankets, and even clothing adorned with different tartan designs. These items are not only stylish but also carry a cultural significance.

2. Scotch Whisky

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Scotch whisky is renowned for its global fame, rooted in Scotland’s traditional production methods, high-quality ingredients, and distinctive regional influences. With diverse flavors, a minimum aging requirement, and a rich cultural significance, Scotch whisky has earned international acclaim, making it a symbol of craftsmanship and a beloved spirit worldwide.

3. Shortbread Biscuits

Shortbread is a classic Scottish treat, and souvenir shops often carry beautifully packaged boxes of these buttery, crumbly biscuits. They make for a delightful edible souvenir, and you’ll find them in various shapes and sizes. Some brands even use traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations.

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4. Thistle-Adorned Items


The Scottish national flower is the thistle. The choice of the thistle as a national symbol has its roots in a historical event. According to legend, during a surprise night attack by Norse invaders, one of them stepped on a thistle, causing a commotion that alerted the Scots and helped them repel the attack. Grateful for this fortunate event, the thistle was adopted as a symbol of Scotland’s resilience and vigilance. Over time, it became an emblematic representation of Scottish identity and is now widely recognized as the national flower of Scotland.

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5. Crafts and Artisanal Products

Consider picking up handmade crafts or artisanal products such as pottery, textiles, or sculptures. These items often showcase the talent of local artisans and provide a unique and authentic touch to your souvenir collection.

6. Kilts and Accessories

Kilts are popular in Scotland as a symbol of cultural heritage, with deep historical roots and distinctive tartan patterns. Worn on formal occasions and celebrations, kilts offer both comfort and versatility, contributing to their enduring popularity. Their association with tradition, family continuity, and prominence in Scottish tourism further enhances their cultural significance.

While kilts might be a more significant investment, you can find smaller accessories like tartan scarves, ties, or even kilt pins. These items allow you to bring a piece of traditional Scottish attire home without the full commitment of a kilt.

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7. Wool Products

Scotland is renowned for its high-quality wool. Look for products made from Scottish wool, such as sweaters, blankets, or even socks. These items are not only warm and durable but also showcase the rich textile heritage of the region.

8. Edinburgh Castle Memorabilia

Edinburgh Castle holds historical significance as a symbol of Scotland’s heritage and has played a key role in various military conflicts throughout its history. It’s a prominent fortress located on Castle Rock, overlooking the city of Edinburgh. The castle has been a royal residence, a military stronghold, and a focal point for Scotland’s cultural and political events. Its strategic position made it crucial in defending against invasions, and its role in Scottish history adds to its cultural importance. Today, it’s a major tourist attraction and a site of national importance.

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9. Soaps and Toiletries

Pamper yourself with Scottish toiletries such as soaps, lotions, and bath salts. Many of these products are made with natural ingredients and fragrances inspired by Scotland’s landscapes, providing a luxurious and aromatic reminder of your visit.

10. Literary Treasures

Edinburgh has a rich literary history, being the birthplace of authors like Sir Walter Scott and the home of the famous Edinburgh International Book Festival. Consider purchasing books by Scottish authors or literary-themed souvenirs to celebrate the city’s cultural heritage.

11. Scottish Tablet

It is a traditional Scottish sweet, renowned for its rich, crumbly texture and sweet, buttery flavor. Made from sugar, condensed milk, and butter, it undergoes a slow cooking process that involves stirring the ingredients until they reach a creamy consistency. The mixture is then allowed to set and cool before being cut into small, bite-sized pieces. It is a popular confection often associated with Scottish hospitality and is enjoyed as a treat during special occasions or as a sweet indulgence.

12. Fridge Magnets

Nowadays, a lot of people engage in collecting refrigerator magnets. Whether you’re a fellow collector or looking to buy one as a gift, there’s a wide variety of magnets featuring exquisite landscapes.


13. Tea and Porcelain

Enjoy a taste of Scotland with Scottish tea blends, often presented in charming packaging. Pair it with porcelain tea cups or mugs adorned with Scottish motifs.

14. Scottish Hebridean Sea Salt

Produced in the pristine waters around the Scottish Hebrides, Hebridean sea salt is a gourmet item sought after for its purity and taste. Look for small jars or pouches of this specialty salt as a unique culinary souvenir.

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15. Wildlife-themed Souvenirs

Scotland’s natural beauty and wildlife are often celebrated in souvenir shops. Look for items featuring iconic animals like Highland cows, red squirrels, or puffins. These can include anything from plush toys to decorative items.

16. Woolen Blankets

Cozy up with a Scottish woolen blanket, known for its warmth and quality. These blankets often feature traditional tartan patterns and are perfect for bringing a touch of Scottish heritage into your home.

17. Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh has a growing reputation for its craft gin. Explore local distilleries and choose from a variety of artisanal gins, each with its own unique botanical blend. Some distilleries even offer stylish gift sets, making it a sophisticated gift.

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18. Celtic Jewelry

Celtic-inspired jewelry is a popular choice among Edinburgh’s souvenirs. Look for intricately designed rings, necklaces, or earrings featuring Celtic knots and symbols, reflecting Scotland’s deep-rooted Celtic heritage.

19. Bagpipes and Accessories

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Scotland is synonymous with bagpipes, and you can find miniature bagpipes, keychains, or other accessories as souvenirs. These items often showcase the traditional craftsmanship associated with this iconic Scottish musical instrument.

20. Historical Prints and Artwork

Capture the charm of Edinburgh’s historic architecture and landmarks through prints or artwork. Local artists often create beautiful pieces that showcase the city’s unique character.

21. Edinburgh-themed Calendars

Keep the spirit of Edinburgh alive year-round with a themed calendar. Featuring stunning photographs of the city’s landscapes, landmarks, and events, these calendars make for practical yet visually appealing souvenirs.

22. Scottish Balmoral Hats

The term “Balmoral hat” is often associated with a style of hat that has a distinctive flat crown and a pom-pom or tassel on top. It’s named after Balmoral Castle in Scotland, a residence of the British royal family. The hat is part of traditional Scottish Highland dress and is typically worn with Scottish kilts and other formal attire.

The popularity of Balmoral hats lies in their association with Scottish culture and heritage. They are often worn during formal events, weddings, or celebrations with a Scottish theme. The hat’s unique design and connection to Scottish traditions make it a popular choice for those seeking to embrace or showcase Scottish identity and style.

23. Smoked Salmon

Scotland is renowned for its smoked salmon. Consider bringing home a pack of high-quality Scottish smoked salmon, vacuum-sealed for freshness. It’s a delicious and distinctive treat that showcases Scotland’s culinary excellence.

24. Scottish Cookbooks

Explore Scotland’s rich culinary heritage through a cookbook featuring traditional Scottish recipes. This souvenir allows you to recreate the flavors of Scotland in your own kitchen and makes for a practical and educational keepsake.

25. Mugs

A mug is a great souvenir gift because it combines functionality and sentimentality. It’s a practical item that can be used daily, reminding the recipient of their travels while enjoying their favorite beverages. The design of the mug often showcases the destination’s iconic landmarks, culture, or artwork, creating a visual connection to the place. 

26. Cairn O’Mohr Wines

Cairn O’Mohr is a Scottish winery based in Errol, Perthshire. They specialize in producing fruit wines, using a variety of fruits such as berries, apples, and elderflowers. The winery is known for its commitment to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

Some popular varieties of Cairn O’Mohr wines include their berry wines, apple wines, and elderflower wines. They aim to capture the essence of the Scottish landscape in their unique and flavorful creations.

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