best souvenirs from bordeaux

1. Wine

Bordeaux is one of the world’s most famous wine regions, producing a wide variety of reds, whites, and rosés. When selecting Bordeaux wine as a souvenir, consider choosing bottles from specific appellations within the region, such as Médoc, Saint-Émilion, or Pomerol, known for their distinct characteristics. Some popular Bordeaux wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

2. Canelé

Canelés are small, caramelized pastries with a soft custard-like center, flavored with vanilla and rum. They have a crispy, caramelized exterior and a tender interior, making them a beloved treat in Bordeaux. Traditional canelé molds are made of copper, but silicone molds are also commonly used. You can find canelés in bakeries and pastry shops throughout Bordeaux, and they’re often sold in decorative tins for easy transport.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

3. Fine food products

Bordeaux offers a variety of gourmet food products that make excellent souvenirs. Foie gras, a delicacy made from duck or goose liver, is a specialty of the region and can be purchased in jars or vacuum-sealed packs. Bordeaux is also known for its artisanal chocolates, which come in a range of flavors and designs. Macarons, the colorful almond meringue cookies filled with ganache or buttercream, are another popular treat to bring home.

4. Bordeaux-themed merchandise

Various shops in Bordeaux sell souvenirs featuring iconic landmarks such as the Place de la Bourse, the Pont de Pierre, or the Grand Théâtre. T-shirts, postcards, keychains, and magnets adorned with these images are readily available and make great keepsakes of your time in the city.

5. Local crafts

Look for pottery and ceramics crafted in traditional styles or contemporary designs inspired by the region’s history and culture. Jewelry made from locally sourced materials, such as oyster shells or semiprecious stones, also reflects Bordeaux’s coastal and natural beauty. Visiting artisan markets or boutiques is a great way to discover these one-of-a-kind souvenirs and support local craftsmen.

6. L’escargot de Bordeaux (Bordeaux snail)

These decorative snail figurines are a symbol of Bordeaux and can be found in various sizes and materials, including ceramic, metal, and wood. They are often brightly painted and make for whimsical souvenirs or gifts.

7. Caviar de Gironde

Gironde is the department where Bordeaux is located, and it’s known for its sturgeon farms producing high-quality caviar. A tin of locally produced caviar makes for an extravagant and memorable souvenir for food enthusiasts.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

8. Regional spices and condiments

Bordeaux and the surrounding region produce a variety of flavorful spices and condiments that are unique to the area. Look for items such as Espelette pepper, a mild chili pepper from the Basque region, or piment d’Espelette-infused oils and vinegars.

9. Books and Literature

Bordeaux has a rich literary history, with many famous writers and philosophers associated with the city. Consider purchasing books by local authors or about Bordeaux’s history, architecture, or culture as a meaningful souvenir to remember your visit.

10. Art and prints

Bordeaux’s vibrant arts scene means there are plenty of opportunities to find unique artworks or prints to take home. Look for galleries, markets, or street artists selling paintings, photographs, or prints inspired by Bordeaux’s landscapes, architecture, or street scenes.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

11. Antiques and vintage finds

Bordeaux is home to numerous antique shops and flea markets where you can hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures. Whether it’s vintage jewelry, retro fashion, or antique furniture, you’re sure to find something special to remind you of your time in the city.

12. Bordeaux Vinegar

Made from locally produced wine, Bordeaux vinegar is a flavorful condiment that adds a touch of the region’s culinary heritage to dishes. It comes in various styles, such as red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar, and is often packaged in decorative bottles.

13. Gourmet Salt

The region is known for its gourmet salts infused with local ingredients like Espelette pepper, herbs, or wine. These flavored salts add a unique touch to culinary creations and are packaged attractively, making them great gifts for food enthusiasts.

14. Vintage Postcards and Maps

Antique shops and markets in Bordeaux offer a treasure trove of vintage postcards featuring historic landmarks, scenic views, and nostalgic imagery of the city. Old maps of Bordeaux and the surrounding wine regions are also sought-after collectibles.

15. Cork Products

Given Bordeaux’s association with wine, souvenirs made from cork are popular. This could include coasters, trivets, keychains, or even fashion accessories like cork wallets or bags, all crafted from sustainable cork material.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

16. Perfume and Fragrances

Bordeaux is home to several boutique perfumeries offering unique scents inspired by the region’s landscapes, flora, and heritage. Perfumes, candles, and skincare products infused with local essences make luxurious souvenirs to take home.

17. Recipe Books

Bring a taste of the city home with you by purchasing cookbooks or recipe books featuring traditional Bordeaux cuisine, wine pairings, and culinary techniques. This allows you to recreate the flavors of Bordeaux in your own kitchen.

Best Souvenirs from Bordeaux

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