best souvenirs from boston

1. Boston Baked Beans

These sweet and crunchy candies have been a favorite in Boston for generations. They’re typically made with sugar, molasses, and peanuts, reflecting New England’s history of bean cultivation and candy making.

2. Harvard or MIT Gear

These prestigious universities are iconic symbols of academic excellence. Their merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and stationery, allows visitors to show off their affiliation or admiration for these institutions.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

3. Red Sox Merchandise

As one of the oldest baseball teams in the United States, the Boston Red Sox have a devoted fan base. Souvenirs like hats, jerseys, and pennants featuring the team’s logo are must-have items for baseball enthusiasts.

4. Tea-related items

Boston’s role in the American Revolution, particularly the Boston Tea Party, is commemorated through tea-related souvenirs. These can include specialty tea blends inspired by historic events or teaware featuring patriotic designs.

5. Boston-themed Apparel

T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items adorned with Boston landmarks such as the Freedom Trail, Paul Revere’s Ride, or the iconic Boston skyline are popular choices. Witty slogans or humorous designs reflecting Bostonian culture add to their appeal.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

6. Seafood-inspired Gifts

Boston is renowned for its fresh seafood, particularly lobster and clam chowder. Souvenirs like lobster-shaped keychains, seafood seasoning blends, or recipe books featuring New England cuisine allow visitors to take a taste of Boston home with them.

7. Fenway Park Memorabilia

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, holds a special place in the hearts of sports fans. Miniature baseball bats, replica jerseys, or prints of the stadium capture the excitement and history of America’s oldest ballpark.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

8. Boston Vintage Tokens

The Boston Vintage Tokens are replicas of the brass tokens issued by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in the 1950s for subway train fares. They serve as a nostalgic reminder of Boston’s transit history. While they are no longer used for fare payment, they can be purchased for around USD 10 at souvenir shops throughout Boston, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s transportation past.

9.  Irish-themed Gifts

Boston has a strong Irish heritage, with a significant Irish-American population. Souvenirs like Celtic knotwork jewelry, Guinness merchandise, or Irish-themed clothing reflect this cultural influence and pay homage to Boston’s vibrant Irish community.

10. Local Art and Crafts

Boston’s thriving arts scene is showcased through locally made crafts and artwork. Visitors can find one-of-a-kind items like hand-painted ornaments, pottery featuring Boston landmarks, or photography prints capturing the city’s beauty. Supporting local artisans adds a personal touch to souvenir shopping and keepsakes.

11. Samuel Adams Beer

Named after one of Boston’s most famous Revolutionary figures, Samuel Adams beer is a popular local brew. You can purchase bottles or cans of this craft beer as a delicious reminder of your time in Boston.

12. Quincy Market Goods

Quincy Market is a bustling marketplace in downtown Boston offering a wide array of souvenirs. You can find everything from locally made crafts and artisanal foods to unique gifts representing Boston’s culture and history.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

13. Boston Duck Tour Memorabilia

The Boston Duck Tours provide a fun and informative way to explore the city by land and water. Souvenirs like rubber duckies dressed as historical figures, duck-themed apparel, or tour-related merchandise are available for purchase.

14. Boston Tea Party Museum Keepsakes

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum offers a range of souvenirs commemorating the historic event, including replica tea chests, colonial-era clothing, and educational books or DVDs about the Boston Tea Party.

15. Marathon-related Merchandise

The Boston Marathon, one of the world’s most prestigious road races, is an integral part of the city’s identity. Visitors can find souvenirs like T-shirts, medals, or running gear featuring the iconic Boston Marathon logo.

16. Boston Public Garden Items

Inspired by Boston’s picturesque Public Garden, souvenirs like botanical prints, duckling figurines (inspired by the book “Make Way for Ducklings”), or floral-themed accessories capture the beauty of this beloved urban oasis.

17. Boston Terrier Gifts

The Boston Terrier, a breed named after the city, holds a special place in Boston’s heart. Souvenirs featuring this adorable dog breed, such as stuffed animals, magnets, or mugs, are popular among visitors and locals alike.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

18. Gurgling Cod Jug

The Gurgling Cod jug is a distinctive ceramic pitcher in the shape of a cod fish, with a spout at the mouth that produces a gurgling sound when liquid is poured. It’s a popular souvenir item in Boston, inspired by the city’s maritime heritage and fishing industry. These jugs are often used as decorative pieces or functional pitchers for serving beverages.

19. Old State House Keepsakes

As one of the oldest public buildings in the United States, the Old State House is a symbol of Boston’s rich history. Souvenirs like replica colonial coins, historical maps, or books about the building’s significance offer tangible connections to Boston’s past.

20. Books

Books about Boston’s history, culture, architecture, or cuisine make thoughtful souvenirs for bibliophiles. Visitors can find titles ranging from guidebooks and travel memoirs to novels set in Boston, providing insights into the city’s diverse narratives.

21. New England Maple Syrup

A typical New England product, maple syrup is a sweet and flavorful souvenir that visitors can enjoy on pancakes, waffles, or as a natural sweetener. Look for locally sourced maple syrup from farms in Massachusetts or neighboring states.

22. Patriotic Items

Boston’s pivotal role in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the founding of the nation, is celebrated through patriotic souvenirs. These can include American flags, pins featuring historical figures like Paul Revere or Samuel Adams, or replica documents such as the Declaration of Independence.

Quincy Market, South Market Street, Boston, MA

23. Boston Harbor Islands Merchandise

Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park consists of 34 islands with rich natural and historical significance. Souvenirs like trail maps, island-themed apparel, or eco-friendly products highlight the beauty and importance of these protected islands.

24. Postcards

Postcards featuring iconic Boston landmarks such as the Boston Common, the Charles River Esplanade, or the historic neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and Back Bay are perfect for sending greetings to friends and family or for keeping as mementos.

Best Souvenirs from Boston

25. Boston Accent-inspired Gifts

Bostonians are known for their distinctive accent and phrases. Souvenirs like mugs, magnets, or T-shirts featuring humorous Boston slang or expressions add a touch of local charm to any gift or keepsake.

26. Boston Public Library Gifts

The Boston Public Library, founded in 1848, is one of the oldest and largest public library systems in the United States. Visitors can find souvenirs such as library-themed tote bags, bookmarks, or literary-inspired gifts celebrating the institution’s rich literary heritage.

27. Boston Symphony Orchestra Memorabilia

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, one of the world’s most renowned orchestras, calls Boston home. Souvenirs like classical music CDs, conductor batons, or orchestra-themed gifts allow visitors to bring a piece of Boston’s cultural scene with them.

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