best souvenirs from detroit

1. Automotive Memorabilia

Given Detroit’s status as the Motor City, souvenirs related to automobiles are popular. These can include model cars, keychains, or apparel featuring logos of iconic car manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler.

Best Souvenirs from Detroit

2. Detroit Tigers Merchandise

Baseball is a big part of Detroit’s identity, and souvenirs featuring the Detroit Tigers baseball team are common. Items like hats, jerseys, and pennants allow fans to show their support for the team.

3. Motown Records Memorabilia

Detroit is the birthplace of Motown music, and souvenirs related to the iconic record label are popular among visitors. These can include CDs, vinyl records, or T-shirts featuring Motown artists like The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, or Diana Ross.

4. Detroit-themed Apparel

T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items featuring Detroit’s skyline, landmarks like the Renaissance Center or the Spirit of Detroit statue, or slogans celebrating the city’s resilience are typical souvenirs.

Best Souvenirs from Detroit

5. Faygo Pop

Faygo is a Detroit-based soda company known for its wide variety of flavors. Bottles or cans of Faygo soda, particularly popular flavors like Redpop or Rock & Rye, make for refreshing and uniquely Detroit souvenirs.

6. Detroit Institute of Arts Gifts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is home to an extensive collection of art spanning various cultures and time periods. Souvenirs like art prints, postcards, or books featuring highlights from the museum’s collection allow visitors to take a piece of Detroit’s cultural heritage home with them.

7. Vernors Ginger Ale

It is a beloved Detroit classic. It’s one of the oldest ginger ale brands in the United States, first created in 1866 by pharmacist James Vernor. What sets Vernors apart is its distinct, bold flavor, which combines ginger with a hint of vanilla and other spices. The beverage gained popularity as a medicinal tonic before becoming a beloved soft drink. Vernors is often associated with Detroit and is a must-try for visitors to the city. It’s available in various forms, including cans, bottles, and fountain drinks, making it easy to bring a taste of Detroit home as a souvenir. 

8. Pizza Kits

Detroit-style pizza, with its thick, square crust and crispy edges, is a local specialty. Pizza-making kits with all the necessary ingredients to recreate this delicious dish at home are popular souvenirs.

9. Detroit Red Wings Merchandise

Hockey is another beloved sport in Detroit, and souvenirs featuring the Detroit Red Wings hockey team are in high demand. Items like hats, jerseys, and pucks allow fans to show their allegiance to the team.

10. Artwork

Prints, posters, or paintings depicting scenes of Detroit’s skyline, neighborhoods, or landmarks offer a visual representation of the city’s character and make for beautiful souvenirs to decorate homes or offices.

Best Souvenirs from Detroit

11. Coney Island Sauce

Detroit is known for its unique take on the Coney Island hot dog, featuring a savory chili sauce and diced onions. Jars of Detroit-style Coney Island sauce allow you to bring a taste of the city’s culinary heritage home.

12. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs featuring images of Detroit landmarks, street signs, or skyline silhouettes are practical and decorative souvenirs that provide a daily reminder of the city.

13. Magnets

Colorful magnets featuring iconic Detroit symbols like the Renaissance Center, the Ambassador Bridge, or the Spirit of Detroit statue are popular souvenirs that can be displayed on refrigerators or magnetic boards.

Best Souvenirs from Detroit

14. Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) Merchandise

DIME is a music college in Detroit offering programs in contemporary music performance, songwriting, and music industry studies. Merchandise like T-shirts, hats, or tote bags featuring the DIME logo are popular souvenirs for music enthusiasts.

15. Books

Books about Detroit’s history, architecture, music scene, or notable residents make for informative and engaging souvenirs. You can find titles ranging from guidebooks and photography books to memoirs and historical accounts.

16. Rocks and Minerals

Detroit is located near a region rich in geological diversity, and souvenirs like polished rocks, minerals, or geodes sourced from local mines or quarries are popular among collectors and nature enthusiasts.

17. Jewelry

Jewelry featuring Detroit-inspired designs such as skyline pendants, automotive-themed charms, or Motown-inspired earrings are fashionable and meaningful souvenirs that celebrate the city’s culture and heritage.

18. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records featuring music by Detroit artists across various genres, including Motown, rock, punk, and techno, are collectible souvenirs that celebrate the city’s musical legacy.

19. Dog Collars and Pet Accessories

Dog collars, leashes, and pet accessories featuring Detroit sports team logos, city skyline patterns, or automotive-themed designs allow pet owners to show their Detroit pride while walking their furry friends.

20. Detroit-style BBQ Sauce

Detroit-style barbecue sauce, with its unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors, is a delicious souvenir that captures the city’s love for barbecue. Bottles of locally made Detroit-style BBQ sauce make for flavorful gifts for food enthusiasts.

21. Phone Cases

Phone cases featuring Detroit-inspired designs or images of iconic landmarks like the Renaissance Center, Michigan Central Station, or the Joe Louis Fist sculpture offer a protective and personalized souvenir option for tech-savvy travelers.

22. Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT) Merchandise

The Detroit Institute of Technology was a prominent educational institution in the city’s history. Merchandise like T-shirts, sweatshirts, or notebooks featuring the DIT logo or historical references pay homage to Detroit’s academic legacy.

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