best souvenirs from maldives

1. Handcrafted Dhoni Models

These miniature replicas of traditional Maldivian boats make for beautiful decorations and reminders of the islands’ maritime heritage.

2. Coconut Shell Products

From complex carved coconut shell bowls to jewelry, these items showcase local craftsmanship and are often decorated with traditional Maldivian designs. 

3. Local Artwork

Look for paintings, prints, and sculptures created by Maldivian artists, featuring scenes of island life, marine wildlife, and the exotic colors of your surroundings.

4. Lavish Spa Products

Maldives is known for its luxurious spas, and you can bring a piece of that relaxation home with locally made spa products like coconut oil, scrubs, and handmade soaps.

Best Souvenirs from Maldives

5. Lacquer Products

The country is known for its lacquerware, which includes bowls, trays, and boxes decorated with intricate designs. These products are typically made from wood and then coated with layers of lacquer, which are hand-painted with colorful motifs inspired by Maldivian culture and nature.

6. Cosmetics

Maldives offers a range of cosmetics made from natural ingredients found in the islands, such as coconut oil, seaweed, and tropical fruits. These cosmetics often include skincare products like moisturizers, lotions, and scrubs, as well as hair care items such as coconut oil-based shampoos and conditioners.

7. Wicked Mats

These are traditional mats made from woven coconut palm leaves or fibers. They are commonly used in the Maldives for various purposes such as sitting, sleeping, or as floor coverings. Wicked mats are an essential part of Maldivian culture and can often be found in homes, guesthouses, and traditional settings throughout the islands.

8. Thundu Kunaa

Thundu Kunaa, on the other hand, refers to traditional Maldivian handwoven cotton fabric. It’s typically used for making sarongs (feyli), women’s dresses, and other clothing items. Thundu Kunaa is known for its fine quality and intricate designs, and it’s an important part of Maldivian textile tradition.

9. Local Food and Spices

Bring home a taste of the Maldives with locally sourced spices like curry mixes, dried tuna (known as “mas”), or even packets of Maldivian chili paste (known as “rihaakuru”).

Best Souvenirs from Maldives

10. Fish Products

Maldives is renowned for its abundant marine life, and fish products are popular souvenirs among visitors. These may include dried fish snacks like masroshi (fish rolls), smoked fish, or canned tuna, which are not only delicious but also provide a taste of Maldivian cuisine. Additionally, decorative items like fish-shaped ornaments or sculptures made from seashells and coral are also available as souvenirs.

11. Coral and Pearl Jewelry

While it’s important to ensure that these items are sustainably sourced, coral and pearl jewelry are popular souvenir choices that capture the essence of the Maldives’ stunning marine environment.

Best Souvenirs from Maldives

12. Maldivian Handicrafts

Explore local markets for a variety of handicrafts such as wooden carvings, lacquerware, and traditional Maldivian musical instruments like the “bodu beru” drums.

13. Local Maldivian Tea

Bring home some aromatic Maldivian tea blends, such as jasmine or rose-infused teas, to enjoy a taste of the islands long after your trip.

14. Feyli

In the Maldives, a “feyli” refers to a traditional sarong, a piece of fabric worn around the waist or as a skirt by both men and women. It’s an essential part of Maldivian attire and is commonly made from cotton or silk, featuring vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Feylis are not only worn for everyday activities but also for special occasions and cultural ceremonies in the Maldives. They serve as both a practical garment and a symbol of Maldivian culture and identity.

15. Handmade Paper Products

Purchase notebooks, stationery, or photo albums made from handmade paper crafted from recycled materials, often adorned with local designs or pressed flowers.

16. Spices and Condiments

Stock up on aromatic spices and condiments used in Maldivian cuisine, such as curry powder, chili flakes, and tangy tamarind paste, to recreate authentic flavors at home.

Best Souvenirs from Maldives

17. Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets from the Maldives often feature images of the beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, marine life like dolphins and sea turtles, or traditional Maldivian designs. They are popular among tourists as small, lightweight souvenirs to take home and remember their trip by.

table decoration

18. Perfumes and Oils

Treat yourself to locally made perfumes, essential oils, and fragrances inspired by the scents of the islands, such as tropical fruits, coconut, and jasmine.

19. Jewelry

In addition to coral and pearl jewelry, look for unique pieces made from other materials like shells, beads, and locally sourced gemstones, crafted into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

20. Traditional Hand Fans

Pick up a beautifully crafted hand fan made from natural materials like palm leaves or woven reeds, perfect for staying cool in the tropical Maldivian climate.

21. Personalized Souvenirs

Many shops offer personalized souvenirs such as engraved keychains, wooden plaques, or embroidered textiles, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind memento of your time in the Maldives.

22. Handwoven Bags and Baskets

Explore markets for handwoven bags, baskets, and totes made from natural fibers like palm leaves or pandanus, perfect for carrying beach essentials or shopping.

23. Maldivian Coffee

Bring home a taste of Maldivian coffee, often sourced from local plantations and featuring unique flavor profiles influenced by the islands’ tropical climate and soil.

24. Seashell Crafts

From intricately crafted jewelry to decorative items like wind chimes and photo frames, seashell crafts are a popular souvenir choice that reflects the natural beauty of the islands.

25. Traditional Maldivian Masks

Seek out hand-carved wooden masks inspired by traditional Maldivian folklore and cultural rituals, adding a touch of island charm to your home decor.

a body of water with a boat in the distance

26. Hand-painted Coasters and Placemats

Look for coasters and placemats featuring vibrant hand-painted designs depicting marine life, tropical scenery, or traditional Maldivian patterns, adding a pop of color to your table settings.

27. Local Honey and Jams

Indulge in locally produced honey infused with exotic flavors like lychee or mango, as well as jams made from tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple, and passion fruit.

28. Maldivian Cookbooks

Take home a cookbook featuring authentic Maldivian recipes, providing inspiration for cooking up traditional dishes like fish curry, coconut sambol, and roshi (flatbread) in your own kitchen.

pink roses in clear glass vase on white table

29. Maldivian Literature

Explore Maldivian literature and poetry, available in both English and Dhivehi (the local language), to gain insights into the rich cultural heritage and storytelling traditions of the Maldives.

30. Local Crafts Workshops

Consider participating in a workshop or class led by local artisans to learn traditional crafts such as coconut carving, dhoni model-making, or sarong dyeing, and create your own unique souvenirs under expert guidance.

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