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In the heart of Alsace, where cobblestone streets weave through charming timbered houses and the scent of freshly baked pretzels mingles with the crisp winter air, lies a city that embodies the spirit of a fairytale—Strasbourg. Nestled along the banks of the Ill River, this enchanting destination is not just a picturesque backdrop for holiday postcards but a treasure trove of unique gifts and souvenirs waiting to be discovered.

1. Christmas Ornaments

Strasbourg is renowned as the “Capital of Christmas,” so bring home beautifully crafted Christmas ornaments, showcasing the city’s festive spirit.

2. Alsace Wine

Explore local vineyards and pick up a bottle of wine, known for its exceptional quality. It’s a delightful taste of the region’s winemaking heritage.

3. Tarte Flambée Kit

Capture the essence of Alsatian cuisine by bringing home a Tarte Flambée kit – a local specialty resembling a thin, crispy pizza.

a pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

4. Bredele

They are traditional Alsatian Christmas cookies, often baked in various shapes and flavors. They are a festive treat.

5. Bretzels (Pretzels)

Savor the traditional bretzels, twisted into delectable knots. They make for a delicious and authentic snack.

6. Storks Souvenirs

Symbolic of Alsace, storks are often seen atop rooftops. Find stork-themed souvenirs, from soft toys to keychains, capturing the local charm.

shallow focus photography of white and black bird standing on nest

7. Art Prints

Acquire art prints showcasing iconic Strasbourg landmarks like the Strasbourg Cathedral, La Petite France, or the Covered Bridges. These prints encapsulate the city’s charm and can be framed as timeless keepsakes.

city buildings under orange sky during sunset

8. Gingerbread

Indulge in the sweetness of gingerbread, known as “pain d’épices.” Take home a box of these spiced delights as a unique treat.

9. Cuckoo Clocks

While traditionally associated with the Black Forest, you can find charming cuckoo clocks in Strasbourg, often with an Alsatian twist.

10. Munster Cheese

Cheese enthusiasts, don’t miss the opportunity to bring back Munster cheese, a pungent delight that’s a staple in Alsatian cuisine.

11. Quiche Lorraine Cookbook

As part of the culinary experience, consider picking up a cookbook dedicated to the art of making Quiche Lorraine, a savory pastry dish popular in the region.

a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bowl of nuts

12.  Floral Perfumes

 Explore local perfumeries for fragrances inspired by the blossoms of Alsace. Floral scents reminiscent of the picturesque landscapes make for a sophisticated gift.

13. Marzipan Sweets

Delight your taste buds with marzipan sweets shaped into various charming figures. These treats are both delicious and visually appealing.

14. Map of Strasbourg

A exquisitely detailed map of Strasbourg serves as a thoughtful and enlightening souvenir. Whether framed or in the form of a vintage-style print, it acts as a visual reminder of your exploration of the region’s rich history and architecture.

15. Antique Books

Strasbourg boasts charming antique bookshops. Pick up a vintage book or map showcasing the city’s history or folklore.

16. Alsatian Beer Glasses

Enjoy the local beer culture with Alsatian beer glasses. They often feature intricate designs and make for a functional and stylish souvenir.

17.  Museum Memorabilia

If you visit Strasbourg’s museums, look for exclusive memorabilia like posters, prints, or unique items related to the collections.

18. Tote Bag

Chic and functional, a tote bag featuring Strasbourg symbols, landmarks, or artistic motifs is a stylish way to carry your belongings while expressing your affinity for the city.

19. Postcards

Immerse yourself in the heart of Strasbourg with these artistic postcards. Each piece captures the city’s enduring allure, featuring iconic landmarks, the Ill River’s gentle flow, and the enchantment of historic quarters.

20. Traditional Attire

For a unique and culturally rich souvenir, consider traditional clothing items like embroidered blouses or vests.

21. Alsace-themed Jewelry

Find jewelry featuring symbols like storks, vines, or traditional Alsatian patterns. A beautiful accessory to carry the spirit of Strasbourg with you.

22. Mustard

Known for its strong flavor, Alsatian mustard is a culinary gem. Bring home a jar or two to add a touch of Strasbourg to your kitchen.

23. Tea Towels

Brighten up your kitchen with tea towels adorned with Alsatian motifs and colors, combining practicality with regional charm.

24. Vin d’Orange (Orange Wine)

Experience a taste of Alsace with Vin d’Orange, a regional aperitif made with white wine, sugar, and orange peel. It’s a delightful and refreshing beverage.

sliced orange fruits

25. Calendar

Keep the memories alive throughout the year with a calendar featuring stunning images of Strasbourg and the Alsace region.

26. Alsatian Biscuits

Discover the variety of Alsatian biscuits, often flavored with spices or almonds. They come in charming packaging, making them a delightful gift.

27. Lace and Linens

Alsatian lace and linen products, including tablecloths and napkins, showcase the region’s textile craftsmanship and make for elegant souvenirs.

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