Best Souvenirs from Tallinn

1. Handmade Crafts

Tallinn’s Old Town is filled with artisan shops offering a variety of handmade crafts such as pottery, leather goods, and jewelry. Look for unique pieces that showcase traditional Estonian craftsmanship.

2. Traditional Textiles

Wool and linen textiles are deeply rooted in Estonian tradition. Consider purchasing woven blankets, scarves, or mittens with traditional patterns and designs.

3. Marzipan

Estonia has a sweet tradition of marzipan, and you can find intricately shaped and painted marzipan figures in many shops. Some places even offer workshops where you can create your own marzipan art.

4. Cloudberry Jam

Cloudberry jam is a delicious and unique Estonian delicacy. Cloudberry berries are orange-yellow in color and have a sweet-tart flavor. The jam preserves the natural taste of these berries, often with minimal added sugar.

a bowl of fruit

5. Keramika (Blue and Black Ceramics)

This unique style of ceramics features blue and black patterns on a white background. Plates, mugs, and other ceramic items adorned with these traditional designs make for eye-catching souvenirs.

6. Liquor

Consider picking up a bottle of traditional Estonian liquor like Vana Tallinn, a spiced liqueur. It’s a flavorful and distinctive drink that can be a great reminder of your time in Estonia.

7. Estonian Knitwear

Estonians are known for their knitting traditions. Look for locally made sweaters, socks, or mittens with traditional Estonian patterns, often in natural wool colors.

Tip: When shopping for souvenirs, explore local markets, specialty shops, and artisan boutiques to find authentic and unique items that capture the essence of Tallinn’s culture and craftsmanship.

8. Artistic Postcards

Immerse yourself in the essence of Tallinn through these artistic postcards. Each piece beautifully captures the city’s enduring beauty, featuring iconic landmarks, the tranquil flow of the Pirita River, and the enchanting atmosphere of historic neighborhoods.

city covered with snow during daytime

9. Wooden Toys

Handcrafted wooden toys featuring traditional designs and folklore characters are a charming option, especially if you’re looking for something for children.

10. Chocolate

Explore the local chocolate scene and pick up some delicious Estonian chocolates. Some brands incorporate unique flavors like sea buckthorn or spruce tips.

11. Literature

If you’re a book lover, consider buying literature by Estonian authors or books on Estonian folklore and history. Look for English translations if you’re not proficient in Estonian.

12. Sauna Accessories

Saunas are an integral part of Estonian culture. Consider purchasing sauna-related items such as wooden ladles, birch whisks, or sauna-scented oils.

13.  Muhu Island Embroidery

Muhu Island, near Tallinn, is famous for its distinctive embroidery patterns. Look for textiles like tablecloths, shawls, or pillows featuring these intricate designs.

14. Design Products

Explore contemporary Estonian design in shops that showcase modern creations. You might find stylish clothing, accessories, or home décor items created by local designers.

Tip: Remember to explore various neighborhoods and markets in Tallinn to discover hidden gems and a wider selection of souvenirs. Enjoy your souvenir hunting!

15. Wooden Kaleidoscopes

Handcrafted wooden kaleidoscopes with intricate patterns are a delightful and playful souvenir. They make for both a unique decorative piece and an entertaining keepsake.

16. Baltic Honey

Estonia is known for its high-quality honey. Look for jars of local honey, especially those with unique flavors like buckwheat or wildflower. Honey makes for a sweet and natural souvenir.

17.  Soviet-Era Memorabilia

Antique shops in Tallinn often carry Soviet-era memorabilia, such as pins, badges, or old coins. These items provide a glimpse into Estonia’s history and can be interesting collector’s items.

18. Beer

Explore the local beer scene and pick up some craft beers from Estonian breweries. Some breweries produce unique flavors inspired by local ingredients, offering a taste of Estonian brewing traditions.

19. Birch Products

Birch is a common tree in Estonia, and you can find products made from birch wood, such as utensils, bowls, or even skincare items like birch sap-based cosmetics.

20. National Costumes (Rahvariided)

Miniature replicas or accessories inspired by the vibrant and colorful Estonian national costumes can be a visually striking and culturally rich souvenir.

21. Local Photography or Art Prints

Seek out local photographers or artists capturing the beauty of Tallinn and Estonia. Art prints or photography can be a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing reminder of your visit.

people walking on street near brown concrete building during nighttime

22. Märzen

A traditional Estonian liqueur made from various herbs and spices. It’s often enjoyed as a digestive and can be a distinctive addition to your liquor collection.

23. Estonian Rye Bread

Known as “leib,” Estonian rye bread is a staple in the country. Consider bringing home a loaf or two, or look for smaller packaged versions to share the authentic taste with friends and family.

24. Crystal

Elegant glassware and crystal products crafted in Estonia make for sophisticated souvenirs. Look for items like vases, glassware sets, or decorative crystal pieces.

25. Blacksmith Crafts

Items crafted by local blacksmiths, such as iron candle holders, hooks, or decorative pieces, offer a blend of traditional skills and contemporary design.

26. Flax

Flax is another traditional material in Estonia, and you can find products like linen napkins, tablecloths, or clothing made from high-quality flax fibers.

27. Saaremaa Vodka

Saaremaa is one of Estonia’s islands known for its distinctive vodka. Consider picking up a bottle of Saaremaa Vodka, often made from local ingredients and boasting a unique character.

28. Vana Tallinn

It is a popular Estonian liqueur known for its rich and aromatic flavor. It is a spiced rum-based liqueur with hints of citrus, vanilla, and various spices. The name translates to “Old Tallinn,” paying homage to the historic charm of the city.

29. Juniper Wood Products

Juniper wood is commonly used in Estonian handicrafts. Look for items like wooden bowls, cutting boards, or kitchen utensils made from juniper wood. They often have a distinctive aroma.

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