best souvenirs from Tblisi

1. Wine

Known for its unique varieties and long history of winemaking, Georgian wine makes for a perfect souvenir.

2. Churchkhela

A traditional Georgian candle-shaped candy made from grape must, nuts, and flour. It’s both tasty and unique.

3. Chacha

A strong Georgian grape brandy, often homemade, and available in various flavors.

4. Khachapuri and Lobiani

While you can’t pack freshly baked khachapuri and lobiani, you can buy ready-to-cook mixes or packaged versions from local markets. These include the dry ingredients needed to make these delicious Georgian bread specialties at home.

pie on white and blue ceramic plate

5. Khinkali

Look for dried or frozen khinkali, a type of Georgian dumpling usually filled with meat, mushrooms, or cheese. They’re convenient to transport and can be cooked later for an authentic taste of Georgia.

a wooden cutting board topped with dumplings on top of a table

6. Handcrafted Ceramics

Tbilisi boasts a rich tradition of pottery and ceramics, making handcrafted bowls, plates, and other items ideal souvenirs.

7. Spices and Herbs

Blend your own Khmeli Suneli or purchase pre-made spice mixes to bring the flavors of Georgia back home.

8. Cloisonné Enamel Jewelry

Intricately designed jewelry made using a technique called cloisonné enamel, often featuring traditional Georgian motifs.

9. Embroidered Textiles

Look for hand-embroidered tablecloths, scarves, and traditional costumes, showcasing Georgian craftsmanship.

10. Carved Wooden Items

Wooden utensils, sculptures, and ornaments carved with Georgian symbols and designs.

11. Local Artwork

Visit art galleries in Tbilisi to find paintings, prints, and sculptures by local artists.

best souvenirs from tblisi

12. Musical Instruments

Bring home a traditional musical instrument like a panduri or a doli to experience the country’s rich musical heritage.

13. Nut Products

Georgia is famous for its nuts, particularly walnuts. Look for packaged nuts, nut mixes, or nut-based products like spreads or candies to bring home as souvenirs.

14. Dry Fruits

Georgian markets often have a variety of dried fruits like figs, apricots, and persimmons. These make for healthy and delicious souvenirs that are easy to transport.

best souvenirs from tblisi

15. Sweets

Besides Churchkhela, you can also find a variety of other traditional Georgian sweets like Nazuki (sweet bread), Pelamushi (grape pudding), and Tklapi (fruit leather).

16. Cheese

Georgia produces a variety of delicious cheeses, including Sulguni and Imeruli, which you can purchase to enjoy back home.

17.  Tea

While not as well-known as Georgian wine, the country also produces flavorful teas, such as black tea and herbal blends, perfect for tea lovers.

18.  Honey

Taste the unique flavors of Georgian honey, which comes from diverse flora and is renowned for its quality and taste.

19.  Fridge Magnets

Capture the magnetic charm of Tbilisi, from the scenic landscapes to the vibrant local traditions, with these delightful magnets. Each one encapsulates the essence of a unique Tbilisi experience, making them perfect mementos to adorn your refrigerator.

aerial photo of tblisi

20.  Traditional Carpets and Rugs

Handwoven carpets and rugs with intricate designs and vibrant colors are a hallmark of Georgian craftsmanship.

21.  Georgian Literature

Explore Georgian literature through translated works or unique editions of classic Georgian literature, poetry, and folk tales.

22.  Antiques and Vintage Items

Hunt for unique antiques, Soviet-era memorabilia, and vintage items in Tbilisi’s flea markets and antique shops.

23. Traditional Clothing

Purchase traditional Georgian garments like Chokha (men’s coat) or Chokha-inspired accessories such as belts and hats as distinctive souvenirs.

best souvenirs from tblisi

24.  Traditional Hats

Hats like Papakha (traditional Caucasian fur hat) or Akhalukhi (men’s wool hat) are distinctive Georgian headwear options.

25.  Swords and Daggers

Replica swords or traditional Georgian daggers, such as the Kindjal, as decorative or collectible items.

26.  Religious Icons

Small replicas of Georgian Orthodox icons, offering spiritual significance and artistic beauty.

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