best souvenirs from vilnius

1. Amber jewelry

Lithuania is known for its high-quality amber, and you can find beautifully crafted amber jewelry in various designs.

2. Acorn Coffee

Look for locally produced acorn coffee, a unique beverage made from roasted acorns that offers a rich and nutty flavor. It’s a perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts or those looking to try something new and distinctive.

3. Berry Wine

Explore local wineries or specialty shops for Lithuanian berry wines, such as cranberry, blackcurrant, or bilberry wine. These fruity and flavorful wines are perfect for enjoying as a souvenir or gifting to friends and family.

4. Basketball Gear

Lithuania is passionate about basketball, so you can find a variety of basketball-related souvenirs including jerseys, caps, scarves, or keychains featuring Lithuanian basketball teams or players. It’s a great way to commemorate the country’s love for the sport.

best souvenirs from vilnius

5. Linen products

Look for linen tablecloths, napkins, and clothing made from locally produced linen.

6. Woodcarvings

Hand-carved wooden items such as utensils, figurines, and decorative pieces are popular souvenirs.

7. Vilnius-themed souvenirs

Items featuring iconic landmarks or symbols of Vilnius, such as fridge magnets, postcards, and keychains.

white and black church during daytime

8. Traditional sweets

Treat yourself with traditional Lithuanian sweets like šakotis (tree cake), kūčiukai (small sweet pastries), or šimtalapis (hundred-layer cake) to satisfy your sweet tooth.

9. Handwoven goods

Look for handwoven baskets, rugs, and textiles made by local artisans.

10. Lithuanian Sash

Look for woven Lithuanian sashes, known as juostos, which feature traditional patterns and colors. These sashes can be worn as a stylish accessory or displayed as a decorative piece in the home, showcasing Lithuania’s rich textile heritage.

11. Local artwork

Visit art galleries or artisan markets to find unique paintings, prints, or other artworks by Lithuanian artists.

people on top of brown and gray tower

12. Traditional crafts

Explore markets or specialized shops for handmade crafts like knitted mittens, felted wool items, or embroidered textiles.

13. Soviet-era memorabilia

Explore antique shops or flea markets for vintage items like Soviet-era badges, pins, posters, or military surplus items.

14. Hand-painted Easter eggs

If you’re visiting around Easter time, look for beautifully decorated hand-painted Easter eggs, a traditional Lithuanian craft.

decorative floral eggs and pink rose

15. Local crafts made from birch bark

Birch bark is a traditional material used in Lithuanian crafts. Look for items like containers, boxes, or decorations made from birch bark.

16. Vilnius University memorabilia

Pick up items like notebooks, pens, or clothing featuring the emblem or name of Vilnius University, one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

17. Books or literature

Explore bookstores for literature about Vilnius, Lithuanian history, or works by Lithuanian authors translated into English or other languages.

18.  Tote Bag

What about a chic and functional tote bag adorned with symbols, landmarks, or artistic designs representing Vilnius? Carry your belongings in a fashionable way while expressing your appreciation for the city’s cultural richness.

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