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Berlin is internationally renowned for its clubbing scene and its dark tonalities in fashion. Getting into clubs such as Sisyphos, Kit Kat Club, or the techno cathedral Berghain can be an odyssey, and your night may end with a classic “Not today!”


What you will find below is not a definitive guide, far from it, but rather the empirical result of more than a decade of facing the moment at the club’s door and achieving a high success rate.


I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times that you have to wear black. That’s true, but only in some clubs. Berghain and Tresor are two clubs where you’ll have to wear black, but nothing special, just a basic black T-shirt and trousers will solve this issue. Other clubs like Sisyphos or Water Gate are much more relaxed and even penalize wearing black. Regardless of the club, avoid clothing with brand logos.


For clubs like Kit Kat Club and Insomnia, a bit more creativity is required, and it will depend on the event. Take into account that these clubs have more of an “adult” atmosphere. Look for information about the outfit on the event page or follow them on Telegram, where they post lots of pictures that can give you an idea of what you’ll find inside. Wherever you go, do as you see.

Our personal recommendation is that if you’re going to a club where the party starts at night, never arrive later than 23:30. After that time, the queues become kilometers long, and you’re likely to spend almost half the night waiting to get in. If it’s a weekend-long party, another option is to go after breakfast on Saturday and queue for a shorter time. You don’t have to stay long; you already have the stamp to come back later.

In Berlin’s clubs, 3 people is a crowd. Being in a large group decreases your chances of getting into the club. Also, don’t separate right at the end and pretend you don’t know each other. They have been watching you all along.

Don’t speak up or don’t speak at all. Smile, but not too much. If they don’t let you in, try another club—there are plenty of them—but don’t be stubborn about getting in.

Finally, if you do manage to get in, never thank them. They will automatically withdraw your safe conduct, and you will have to find a Plan B.

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