best Euro Cup 2024 souvenirs

The Euro Cup 2024 is just around the corner, and what better way to commemorate this thrilling event than by thinking what to bring home besides the trophy? In this blog post, we’ll take you on a fascinating journey through the diverse range of Euro Cup 2024 memorabilia, giving you a glimpse into the heart and soul of German football culture and the best gifts to bring home to remember this amazing tournament.

To start off here’s a list of all the winners of the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro Cup) along with the respective years they won:

  • 1960 – Soviet Union
  • 1964 – Spain
  • 1968 – Italy
  • 1972 – West Germany
  • 1976 – Czechoslovakia
  • 1980 – West Germany
  • 1984 – France
  • 1988 – Netherlands
  • 1992 – Denmark
  • 1996 – Germany
  • 2000 – France
  • 2004 – Greece
  • 2008 – Spain
  • 2012 – Spain
  • 2016 – Portugal
  • 2021 – Italy
  • 2024 – ???

1. National Team Jersey

Score big with an official national team jersey, a timeless symbol of allegiance and support for your favorite Euro Cup squad. Whether it’s the classic design or a modern twist, each jersey represents the unity and spirit of the tournament, making it a must-have for every football enthusiast.

2. All time classics

Jerseys, scarves, hats, and flags in the colors of their favorite team are always popular choices. You can find these items at official team stores, sports shops, and even souvenir stands around the stadiums.

Look for locally-made crafts that celebrate the Euro 2024 or German football in general. This could be anything from paintings and sculptures to traditional clothing and jewelry. 

3. Bundesliga merchandise

Bring home a piece of Bundesliga pride with merchandise from your favorite German football club. Whether it’s a scarf, hat, or other team memorabilia, these items showcase unwavering support and loyalty to football spirit while commemorating your time in Germany for the Euro Cup.

landscape photography of a white concrete sports complex

4. Henri Delaunay Cup Replica

These miniature replicas of the Henri Delaunay Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the Euro, are a great way to commemorate the tournament. They come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you can find one that fits your budget.

5. Miniature Bundesliga Trophy

Celebrate football excellence with a miniature replica of the Bundesliga trophy, a symbol of victory and triumph in German football. Display it proudly as a reminder of the thrilling competition witnessed during the Euro Cup and the legacy of Bundesliga success.

6. Mascots

Every Euro has its own mascot, and Euro 2024 is sure to be no different. These plush toys are a great way to bring home a piece of the tournament, especially for younger fans. On this occasion you will be introduced to Albärt the teddy bear.

7. Commemorative items

There will be a wide variety of commemorative items available for Euro 2024, such as t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and fridge magnets. These items typically feature the tournament logo and other designs related to the host country. 

8. Tickets

If you’re lucky enough to score tickets to a Euro 2024 match, be sure to hang on to them as a souvenir! These will be a cherished memento of your trip to Germany. 

9. Signed items

This might be tricky to get but a football signed by your favorite stars would be amazing. This prized possession not only embodies the skill and talent of the players but also serves as a cherished memento of your time in Germany during the Euro Cup.

10. Beer and Football Fusion: Cheers to the Game

Raise a toast to football glory with a football-themed beer glass, combining two beloved German passions – football and beer. Featuring motifs or team logos, these glasses add a touch of sporty flair to your beverage enjoyment and serve as a delightful reminder of the Euro Cup festivities.

a table topped with lots of glasses of beer

11. Collector’s Edition Merchandise

For those seeking exclusive treasures, delve into the world of collector’s edition merchandise. Limited-edition footballs, autographed memorabilia, and special edition prints await avid collectors. These unique pieces not only celebrate the Euro Cup but also serve as timeless reminders of the excitement that swept through Germany during this monumental event.

12. Stadium-Inspired Keepsakes

Step into the heart of the action with stadium-inspired keepsakes. Miniature replicas, exclusive matchday programs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of the Euro Cup – these souvenirs allow you to relive the magic of the tournament from the comfort of your home. They are perfect for those who want to carry a piece of the stadium experience wherever they go.

As the Euro Cup 2024 unfolds, let these souvenirs become more than mere tokens – let them be symbols of the memories, the excitement, and the camaraderie shared during this extraordinary football spectacle in Germany. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual fan, there’s a Euro Cup 2024 souvenir waiting to become a cherished part of your football journey. Gear up, embrace the passion, and let the games begin!

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