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As I wandered through Granada’s sun-kissed streets, I was embraced by its earthy warmth and timeless charm. In every corner, I found traces of its rich history and vibrant culture. But amidst the allure, I embarked on a quest – the search for unique souvenirs.

Granada, with its winding alleys and lively markets, is a haven for treasure seekers. From intricate Moorish crafts to delightful Turron, every find felt like capturing a piece of the city’s soul. So, fellow adventurers, get ready to discover your own Granada magic with these cherished mementos!

1. Alhambra-themed Items

Look for souvenirs featuring the intricate designs and architecture of the Alhambra, such as postcards, magnets, and posters.

mosaic alhambra

2. Mugs

Ceramic mugs featuring Granada’s landmarks or intricate designs.

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3. Hand-Painted Fans

Elegant hand-painted fans, often made of wood and fabric, are popular souvenirs in Granada. They come in various sizes and designs.

4. Granada Wines

Bring home a bottle of locally produced wine from the surrounding vineyards of Granada, showcasing the region’s excellent winemaking tradition.

5. Books by Federico García Lorca

Collect works by Federico García Lorca, the famous poet and playwright born near Granada, to dive into the literary heritage of the region.

6. Spanish Ham (Jamon)

 Spain is renowned for its jamón ibérico, a delicious cured ham. Purchase a vacuum-sealed pack to enjoy the taste of Spanish cuisine at home.

7. Spanish Ceramics


Granada is known for its colorful ceramic tiles. You can find ceramic plates, tiles, and pottery adorned with traditional Andalusian designs.

geranio granada

8. Posters



Granada has a vibrant arts scene. Look for paintings, sketches, or pottery created by local artists, capturing the city’s unique charm.

9. Local Sweets

Granada is famous for its sweets like Piononos (pastries) and Alfajores (sweet biscuits). Packaged versions make for tasty and portable souvenirs.

10. Arab-style Carpets and Rugs

Granada’s markets offer beautifully crafted carpets and rugs with intricate patterns, reflecting the city’s Moorish influence.

11. Traditional Clothing

Traditional Spanish Clothing: Mantillas (lace veils), Mantones (shawls), and traditional Spanish dresses.

Are you visiting Granada?

12. Spanish Guitar

spanish guitar

If you’re a music enthusiast, a Spanish guitar or a miniature replica can be a memorable souvenir from Granada.

13. Olive Oil and Olives

olives rosemary


Andalusia is famous for its high-quality olive oil. Consider buying a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or a jar of locally grown olives as a culinary souvenir.

14. Arabian Spices

Explore the markets to find a variety of Arabian spices, including saffron, cumin, and paprika, which are commonly used in Andalusian cuisine.

morocan spices

15. Photography of the Albaicín

Photographs capturing the scenic views of the Albaicín neighborhood, especially at sunset, make for stunning wall art and memorable souvenirs.

16. Taracea Crafts

Intricately designed wooden inlay work, including boxes, trays, and furniture.

17. Fazalauja Pottery

Handcrafted pottery items, displaying unique Granada craftsmanship.

18. Silver Jewelry

granada fruta


Silver jewelry shaped as a pomegranate, the symbol of Granada.

19. Flamenco-related Items

Flamenco music and dance are integral to Granada’s culture. Look for Flamenco CDs, castanets, or Flamenco dresses as unique souvenirs.

20. Fridge Magnet

Magnets with Granada-themed designs, perfect for your fridge or magnetic board.

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