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Hey there wanderers! Ever strolled through the cobbled streets of Krakow, feeling the magic of its history seep into your soul? Me too! And let’s be real, who doesn’t want a little piece of this enchanting city to carry home? 

In this blog post, we’re on a quest to discover the coolest, best souvenirs Krakow has up its sleeve. Join me as we dig into the stories behind these treasures, finding that perfect keepsake to make your Krakow memories last a lifetime. Ready to dive into the world of meaningful mementos? Let’s go!

1. Amber

Amber holds cultural and historical significance in Krakow and Poland. The city has a long tradition of amber craftsmanship, dating back centuries. Amber jewelry is valued for its beauty and is often considered a symbol of the region. Additionally, amber is believed by some to have healing properties, adding to its appeal.

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2. Pottery

Krakow is famous for its traditional Polish pottery, known as Bolesławiec pottery. Decorated with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, you can find plates, bowls, and mugs that showcase the craftsmanship of Polish artisans.

3. Cloth Bags

Reusable cloth bags featuring Krakow’s landmarks or cultural motifs are popular souvenirs. They are not only eco-friendly but also practical reminders of your time in the city.

4. Pisanki (Decorated Easter Eggs)

They are not only beautiful crafts but also symbolize rebirth, fertility, and the arrival of spring. The intricate designs and vibrant colors often reflect regional traditions and artistic expression. In Krakow, pisanki are cherished as symbols of heritage and are frequently exchanged as gifts during Easter, emphasizing the importance of tradition and community in the region’s cultural identity.

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5. Vodka

Poland is famous for its vodka, and they offer a variety of local brands. Look for traditional Polish vodka or flavored varieties to bring a taste of Poland home.

6. Krakow Salt and Wieliczka Salt Mine Products

Wieliczka Salt Mine, near Krakow, is famous for its salt products. You can find salt lamps, salt shot glasses, and various culinary salt products as souvenirs.

7. Folk Art

Folk art items such as wooden figurines, hand-painted boxes, and traditional embroidered textiles showcase Poland’s rich cultural heritage. These colorful and artisanal pieces make for distinctive souvenirs.


8. Postcards

Freeze moments in time with picture-perfect postcards that showcase Krakow’s diverse landscapes, architecture, and culture. Share the city’s beauty with loved ones or keep them as artistic mementos.

9. Christmas Ornaments

If you visit Krakow during the holiday season, consider picking up Christmas ornaments featuring iconic Krakow landmarks. These festive decorations capture the city’s charm during the winter season.

10. St. Mary’s Basilica Inspired Items

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St. Mary’s Basilica is a Gothic masterpiece located on the Main Market Square. Its iconic twin towers, reaching 80 and 69 meters, dominate the skyline. The church is renowned for its intricate exterior details, including a vibrant polychrome finish. Inside, the Altarpiece of Veit Stoss is a remarkable feature. St. Mary’s is also known for the hourly Hejnał Mariacki, a trumpet call commemorating a 13th-century trumpeter. The basilica, with a rich history dating back to the 13th century, is a major religious and tourist attraction in Krakow.

11. Obwarzanek Krakowski

Obwarzanek Krakowski is a traditional Polish bread ring, similar to a bagel but distinct in its taste and preparation. Grabbing a few to take home or as gifts is a tasty and authentic way to remember Krakow.

12. Folk Costumes

Miniature folk costumes or embroidered pieces inspired by traditional Polish attire can be found as souvenirs. These items showcase the cultural diversity and craftsmanship of Poland.

13. Krakow-themed Art Prints

Support local artists by purchasing art prints depicting Krakow’s scenery, landmarks, or street scenes. These prints can add a touch of Polish culture to your home.

14. Wavel Dragon Souvenirs

The Wawel Dragon is a legendary creature in Polish folklore, and its significance lies in the iconic story associated with Krakow’s Wawel Hill. According to the legend, the dragon terrorized the area until a clever shoemaker named Krak tricked it into eating a sheep filled with sulfur. The dragon became thirsty and drank water from the Vistula River, causing it to explode. This tale symbolizes the triumph of wit over brute force and is an integral part of Krakow’s cultural heritage, celebrated in various forms, including a statue of the dragon at Wawel.

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15. Sweets and Chocolate

Indulge your sweet tooth with Polish chocolates and traditional sweets like Ptasie Mleczko (bird’s milk), or Wedel chocolates. These treats make for delicious gifts or personal indulgences.

16. Mugs

Sip your morning brew in style with a mug featuring iconic Krakow’s landmarks or designs. Each sip becomes a journey through the city’s vibrant streets.

17. Marionettes

Traditional Polish marionettes, especially those depicting characters from Polish folklore or historical figures, can be unique and artistic souvenirs. They often showcase skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

18. Leather Goods

Krakow is known for its quality leather products. Consider purchasing leather goods such as wallets, belts, or handbags crafted from Polish leather. These items combine style with durability.

19. Krakow Coffee Sets

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Poland has a strong coffee culture, and you can find beautifully designed coffee sets featuring traditional Polish patterns. These sets often include cups, saucers, and a coffee pot, making for an elegant and practical souvenir.

20. Bolesławiec Stoneware

Bolesławiec, a town near Krakow, is famous for its stoneware pottery. Look for mugs, bowls, and plates adorned with distinctive blue and white patterns, reflecting the region’s pottery tradition.

21. T-Shirts and Clothing

Show off your love for Krakow with T-shirts or clothing items featuring the city’s name, landmarks, or unique designs. These casual and wearable souvenirs are perfect for everyday use.

22. Polish Honey and Jams

Explore the flavors of Poland with locally produced honey and fruit jams. Look for unique varieties such as buckwheat honey or traditional Polish fruit preserves to bring a taste of Krakow back home.

23. Street Art Prints

Capture the vibrant street art scene in Krakow by purchasing prints featuring colorful murals and graffiti. These artworks reflect the city’s dynamic and artistic atmosphere.

24. Fridge Magnets

Turn your fridge into a gallery with beautifully designed magnets showcasing the city’s landmarks.

25. Crystal

Krakow offers exquisite crystal glassware that makes for an elegant souvenir. Crystal items like glasses, vases, or decorative pieces are crafted with precision and often feature traditional Polish designs.

26. Playing Cards

Playing cards featuring Krakow’s landmarks or traditional Polish symbols can be a fun and practical souvenir. They make for a great gift and are easy to pack in your luggage.

27. Papercut Art

Papercutting is a traditional Polish craft, and you can find intricate papercut art featuring Polish motifs. These delicate pieces of art showcase the skill and patience of artisans.

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