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These delicious custard tarts, also called pastéis de nata, with their flaky crusts and creamy fillings, have become an iconic treat synonymous with the city’s gastronomic identity. Today, we embark on a sweet journey through time to discover the captivating story behind the creation of Pastéis de Belém and why they hold such a special place in the hearts of Lisbon’s people.

Our story takes us back to the early 19th century when Portugal was undergoing a period of profound political and social change. In the year 1820, the liberal revolution brought sweeping reforms to the country, leading to the dissolution of many religious orders. Amidst these changes, the monks of the Jerónimos Monastery in the Belém district found themselves in a precarious position, facing the threat of eviction and uncertain futures.

Within the monastery’s kitchen, the monks had perfected a secret recipe for a custard tart that had become a favorite among the local community. As the news of the potential monastery closure spread, there was an urgent need to secure their survival. In a stroke of culinary genius, the monks decided to share their secret recipe with a nearby sugar refinery, called “Casa Pastéis de Belém,” on the condition that they would be allowed to continue baking the tarts on the monastery’s premises.

From that moment onwards, the humble custard tart that had been known only to the monks of Jerónimos Monastery was introduced to the world outside its walls. The pastries became an instant sensation, captivating the palates of locals and drawing in curious travelers from far and wide. The sugar refinery, now the custodian of this coveted recipe, honored the agreement, and “Pastéis de Belém” was born.

Over time, Pastéis de Belém began to transcend its humble origins and became deeply interwoven with the identity of Lisbon itself. The name “Pastéis de Belém” not only refers to the district where the monastery stands but has become synonymous with the “pastéis de nata”, further elevating their status as an iconic Portuguese delicacy.

What makes Pastéis de Belém so unique is the way the recipe has been carefully preserved throughout generations. Today, the descendants of the original custodians guard the secret with utmost diligence, ensuring that the authentic flavor and texture remain unchanged. This unwavering commitment to tradition has led to a remarkable consistency in taste, allowing each bite of Pastéis de Belém to carry the essence of Lisbon’s history and heritage.

The allure of Pastéis de Belém lies not only in their intriguing backstory but also in their delightful taste. Each tart features a buttery, flaky crust meticulously crafted by skilled hands, creating the perfect vessel for the luscious custard filling. The creamy center, prepared from a harmonious blend of eggs, sugar, milk, and a touch of vanilla, creates a symphony of flavors. These tarts are best served warm, dusted with a sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Today, Pastéis de Belém have earned their rightful place as a must-try delicacy for anyone visiting Lisbon. As you walk through the enchanting streets of this historic city, you’ll find countless pastry shops offering their version of the pastel de nata. However, none can truly replicate the magic of the original Pastéis de Belém, lovingly crafted in the hallowed halls of the Jerónimos Monastery.

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