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Religious souvenirs are a popular category of keepsakes acquired by pilgrims and visitors to significant religious sites. Lourdes, a town in southwestern France, is particularly renowned as a destination for religious pilgrimage due to the reported Marian apparitions that occurred there in 1858.

At Lourdes, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared multiple times to a young girl named Bernadette Soubirous. These apparitions and subsequent events led to the development of Lourdes as a major pilgrimage site for Catholics around the world.

Pilgrims who visit Lourdes often acquire religious souvenirs as tangible reminders of their pilgrimage experience and as objects that hold spiritual significance. Some common religious souvenirs associated with Lourdes include:

Lourdes Water

One of the most well-known souvenirs from Lourdes is the water from the miraculous spring discovered during the apparitions. It is believed to possess healing properties, and visitors often collect small vials or bottles of Lourdes water as a symbolic and sacramental item.

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Medals and Pendants

Lourdes-themed medals and pendants are popular souvenirs. These often depict the apparitions, the Virgin Mary, or the Lourdes Grotto, and are usually worn as necklaces or attached to bracelets or rosaries.


Lourdes rosaries are specially designed rosary beads that incorporate elements associated with Lourdes, such as small vials for holding Lourdes water or images of Bernadette Soubirous.

Statues and Figurines

 Small statues or figurines depicting the Virgin Mary, Bernadette Soubirous, or scenes from the Lourdes apparitions are common religious souvenirs acquired by visitors to Lourdes.

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Prayer Cards and Novenas

 Printed prayer cards with images of Lourdes and prayers dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes are often collected as spiritual reminders and souvenirs.


 Lourdes-themed candles, often featuring images or symbols associated with the apparitions, are also sought-after souvenirs. Pilgrims may light these candles during their visit as an act of prayer or take them home for personal devotion.

Crosses and Crucifixes

 These are popular religious symbols that you can find in various designs and materials in Lourdes souvenir shops.

Books and Religious Literature

 There are various books and literature about the history of Lourdes, the apparitions, and the spiritual significance of the site. These can make excellent souvenirs for those interested in learning more about the pilgrimage site.

When purchasing religious souvenirs in Lourdes, it’s essential to buy from reputable shops and support local artisans whenever possible. These souvenirs hold significant spiritual value for many pilgrims, and they serve as reminders of their faith and the special pilgrimage experience at Lourdes.

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