best souvenirs from sealand

Sealand, the self-proclaimed micronation off the coast of England, is a unique destination steeped in history and eccentricity. But what would you bring home if it happens that you visit this unconventional principality? This guide will uncover everything Sealand has to offer when it comes to souvenirs.

1. Noble titles

These certificates confer honorary noble titles upon individuals, allowing them to become part of the aristocracy of Sealand. They are symbolic and serve as unique mementos of affiliation with the micronation.

2. Sealand Identity Card

The Sealand identity card is a personalized identification document issued by the Principality of Sealand. It may include your name, date of birth, and a photograph, serving as a novelty item or collector’s piece.

3. Register a Piece of Sealand Territory

This souvenir allows individuals to symbolically claim ownership of a piece of Sealand territory, further cementing their connection to the micronation. While Sealand’s legal status is unique, owning a piece of territory is largely symbolic.

4. Books and Documentaries

Delve deeper into Sealand’s history with a book or documentary.  These can provide fascinating insights into the micronation’s founding, legal battles, and its place in the international community.  Search online retailers or visit your local library.

5. A map of Sealand

Due to its small size, a map of Sealand would typically show a simple outline of the platform along with its coordinates. The platform is situated approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) off the coast of Suffolk and occupies an area of about 0.004 square kilometers (0.0015 square miles). However, due to its status as a self-proclaimed sovereign entity, official maps may vary depending on the source. 

6. Holding The Fort

Holding The Fort” is a book written by Prince Michael of Sealand, offering insights into the history, challenges, and triumphs of establishing and maintaining the micronation of Sealand.

7. Sealand Constitution

The Sealand Constitution outlines the governance structure and principles of the micronation. A copy of the constitution serves as a fascinating insight into the legal framework of Sealand and its approach to governance.

8. Sealand Stamps

Sealand issues its own postage stamps, often featuring unique designs related to the micronation’s history, landmarks, or culture. Collecting Sealand stamps can be a niche hobby for philatelists interested in micronations.

9. Gift Bundles

These bundles typically include assorted Sealand-themed merchandise such as keychains, shirts, and certificates, providing a comprehensive selection of souvenirs for enthusiasts and supporters of Sealand.

10. Sealand Coin Set

Commemorate your visit with a set of official Sealand coins.  These beautifully minted coins come in various denominations and designs, featuring Sealand’s coat of arms and historical figures.

11. Hoodies and Caps

Sealand-branded hoodies and caps serve as fashionable apparel items featuring the micronation’s logo or symbols. T-shirts, hoodies, and mugs emblazoned with Sealand’s logo or quirky slogans are a great way to represent your visit. These can be found online or through independent sellers.

12. Personalized Coat of Arms

Individuals can obtain a personalized coat of arms from Sealand, reflecting their unique identity or family heritage. These coats of arms are designed according to heraldic principles and can be displayed as decorative items.

13. SEAMAIL – Personalised Sealand Email Address

SEAMAIL offers personalized email addresses with the domain “,” allowing individuals to show their allegiance to Sealand through their digital communications. It’s a quirky and distinctive way to connect with others.

14. The Sealand Flag

The Sealand flag is a red field with a white diagonal stripe running from the bottom left corner to the top right corner, dividing the flag into two triangles. It symbolizes the principality’s maritime location and its independent status. Souvenirs featuring the Sealand flag include patches, pins, and flags for display.

best souvenirs from sealad

15. Replica or Model of the Sealand Platform

For the true Sealand enthusiast, a handcrafted replica of the platform itself can be a truly special souvenir.  These can be found through online marketplaces or by contacting artists specializing in historical models.

Remember:  Visiting Sealand is a rare experience.  While these souvenirs will spark memories, the true treasure lies in the story of your visit.  So, document your adventure with photos and capture the unique atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind place.


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