best souvenirs from alicante

1. Turrón

Alicante is famous for its delicious turrón, a traditional Spanish nougat made with almonds, honey, and sugar. You can find various flavors and varieties, including hard and soft turrón.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

2. Wine

Alicante is home to several vineyards producing excellent wines, especially reds made from Monastrell grapes. Bringing home a bottle of local wine is a great way to savor the flavors of the region.

3. Ceramic Tableware

In addition to hand-painted tiles, Alicante offers a wide range of ceramic tableware such as plates, bowls, and serving dishes adorned with colorful designs. These pieces add a touch of Mediterranean charm to any dining table.

4. Esparto Grass Products

Esparto grass is a natural fiber traditionally used in the region to make various products such as baskets, bags, and hats. These handmade items showcase the local artisanal skills and are perfect souvenirs to take home.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

5. Saffron

Known as “red gold,” saffron is a highly prized spice made from the Crocus flower. Alicante produces high-quality saffron, which makes for a unique and luxurious souvenir for culinary enthusiasts.

6. Olive Oil

Alicante is surrounded by olive groves, producing some of Spain’s finest olive oils. 

7. Sea Salt

The salt flats of Santa Pola, near Alicante, produce high-quality sea salt. You can find various flavored salts infused with local herbs and spices, making for a tasty and distinctive souvenir.

8. Hand Fans

Traditional Spanish hand fans are a stylish and practical souvenir from Alicante, especially during the hot summer months. You can find fans made from wood or fabric, adorned with beautiful designs.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

9. Local Crafts from the Horta

The Horta is the rural area surrounding Alicante, known for its agricultural traditions and crafts. You can find handmade items such as espadrilles, baskets, and wooden utensils crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques.

10. Marzipan

Marzipan is a sweet almond-based confectionary that is popular in Alicante, especially during festivals like Christmas and Easter. 

11. Paella magnet

It is a popular souvenir often found in gift shops and markets in Alicante. It typically features a colorful and detailed depiction of a paella, which is a traditional Spanish rice dish originating from the Valencia region. 

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

12. Dama de Elche

The Dama de Elche, or Lady of Elche, is an ancient Iberian sculpture that dates back to the 4th century BCE. It is considered one of the most important and iconic pieces of Iberian art. Small, pocket-sized replicas or figurines of the sculpture are often sold as souvenirs in Elche and the surrounding area.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

13. Poems by Miguel Hernández in Orihuela

Miguel Hernández was a renowned Spanish poet born in Orihuela, Alicante. His poetry reflects themes of love, nature, and social justice. Visitors to Orihuela can find collections of his poems in bookstores and gift shops, offering a literary souvenir that celebrates the city’s cultural heritage.

14. El valle de los Juguetes

The Valle de los Juguetes, or Valley of the Toys, is a historic area in the Alicante region known for its toy industry. Visitors can explore toy museums and shops featuring a variety of toys, games, and dolls made in Alicante. The valley’s rich toy-making history makes it a fascinating destination for families and toy enthusiasts.

15. Figurines of the Virgin of the Remedy

The Virgin of the Remedy is the patron saint of Alicante, and you can find small figurines and religious items depicting her likeness in local shops. These make for meaningful souvenirs for those interested in religious iconography.

16. Local Artwork

Alicante is home to many talented artists, and you can find a variety of artwork ranging from paintings and sculptures to prints and photographs depicting the beauty of the region. Purchasing a piece of local artwork is a great way to support the local arts community and bring home a unique souvenir.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

17. Local Spirits

Alicante produces several traditional spirits such as mistela and herbero. Mistela is a sweet fortified wine often enjoyed as a dessert wine, while herbero is a herbal liqueur with medicinal properties. Both are unique to the region and make for interesting souvenirs.

18. Carpets from Crevillente

Crevillente is famous for its traditional handwoven carpets, known as alfombras. These carpets are made using techniques passed down through generations and often feature intricate designs inspired by nature, folklore, and traditional Spanish motifs. 

19. Bombón Rice

After 50 years of absence, the “arroz bombón” returns as a unique gourmet product in Alicante. Originating from the marshes of Pego-Oliva, this variety is ideal for creamy dishes. Its recovery is due to a seed retrieved from 1932, and this type of rice has been available in stores again since 2018. With special characteristics and the interest of Michelin-starred chefs, it is gradually regaining its place in local gastronomy.

20. Pan de Elche

Pan de Elche, also known as pan de higo, is a traditional Spanish dessert made from figs and nuts. It is a sweet and dense treat often enjoyed with cheese or wine. Pan de dátil, or date bread, is a similar dessert made with dates instead of figs. Both desserts are specialties of Elche and can be found in bakeries and specialty food shops as delicious souvenirs to bring back home.

21. Lace and Embroidery

You can find delicate lace shawls, tablecloths, and handkerchiefs, as well as intricately embroidered linens. These handmade textiles are elegant souvenirs to bring back home.

22. Shoes from Elda

Elda is known for its shoe industry and quality footwear. Visitors can find a wide range of shoes, including leather sandals, boots, and heels, made by local artisans in Elda. A pair of shoes from Elda makes for a stylish and unique souvenir that showcases the city’s shoemaking tradition.

23. Dried Fruits and Nuts

Alicante’s sunny climate makes it ideal for growing fruits and nuts such as almonds, figs, and dates. You can find a variety of dried fruits and nuts in local markets, packaged beautifully to take home as tasty and healthy souvenirs.

24. Traditional Pastry

Indulge in traditional Alicante pastries such as the famous “coca de mollitas” (a sweet bread topped with sugar and crumbs) or “pastissets” (small pastries filled with savory fillings). 

25. Alicante Salt Cod (Bacalao de Alicante)

Salt cod is a traditional ingredient in Spanish cuisine, and Alicante is known for its high-quality salted cod. Bring home a package of salt cod to recreate authentic Spanish dishes in your own kitchen.

Best Souvenirs from Alicante

26. Marble and Stone Crafts

Alicante is known for its marble and stone quarries, which supply raw materials for local artisans to create beautiful sculptures, figurines, and decorative items. Look for unique pieces crafted from locally sourced marble and stone as a lasting souvenir of your time in Alicante.

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