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A journey through the heart of Europe, Vienna, the capital of Austria, surprises visitors with its rich history, imperial architecture, and cultural options available. As you traverse the cobblestone streets and explore the grandeur of this city, you’ll encounter symbols that encapsulate Vienna’s unique charm and heritage. 

In this blog post, we delve into the most meaningful symbols of Vienna, inviting you to discover the essence of this captivating city through the lens of its iconic souvenirs. From classical music to imperial palaces, each keepsake serves as a tangible reminder of the cultural tapestry that makes Vienna an unforgettable destination.

1. Porcelain

Renowned for its quality, Viennese porcelain is a classic souvenir. Look for elegant tea sets, figurines, or decorative pieces adorned with intricate designs from prestigious porcelain manufacturers.

2. Mozartkugeln (Mozart Balls)

Renowned for its quality, These famous chocolate pralines named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are a sweet treat and popular souvenir. Mozartkugeln typically consist of marzipan, nougat, and dark chocolate.

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3. Coffee

Vienna is known for its coffee culture. Consider bringing home a pack of Viennese coffee beans or ground coffee to recreate the city’s classic coffee experience. You can also find beautifully packaged coffee sets.

4. Sachertorte Mix or Souvenirs

Sachertorte is a famous Viennese chocolate cake. Look for pre-packaged Sachertorte mixes or other souvenirs featuring this iconic dessert, such as chocolates, preserves, or even aprons with the recipe.

sliced chocolate cake on white ceramic plate

5. Posters and Prints

Capture the beauty of Vienna’s architecture and landmarks with posters or prints. These artistic representations make for stylish and visually appealing souvenirs.

6. Wiener Werkstätte-inspired Designs

The Wiener Werkstätte was a significant design movement in Vienna. Look for souvenirs inspired by its artistic and decorative style, including jewelry, home decor, and accessories.

7. Crystal and Glassware

Elegant crystal glassware and glass products are popular in Vienna. Consider purchasing wine glasses, vases, or decorative items made with precision and craftsmanship.

8. Wine

Austria, including Vienna, produces excellent wines. Explore local vineyards and wineries or visit wine shops to find bottles of Viennese wine, which often includes unique varieties like Grüner Veltliner.


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9. Mugs

Sip your morning brew in style with a mug featuring iconic Vienna’s landmarks or designs. Each sip becomes a journey through the city’s vibrant streets.

10. Fashion Accessories

Vienna is a fashion hub, and you can find stylish accessories such as scarves, gloves, or hats inspired by Viennese fashion trends. Look for items in local boutiques or markets.

11. Artisanal Chocolates

Artisanal chocolate shops in Vienna offer a wide range of unique and high-quality chocolates. Look for handcrafted pralines or chocolate bars with flavors inspired by Viennese cuisine.

pink and brown chocolate bar on brown wooden round plate

12. Vienna Opera House Memorabilia

The Vienna State Opera is an iconic landmark. Pick up memorabilia like keychains, bookmarks, or posters featuring the opera house to commemorate your visit.

13. Antique Maps or Prints

Antique maps or prints of Vienna make for unique and historical souvenirs. They offer a glimpse into the city’s past and can be framed as decorative pieces.

14. Fridge Magnets

Turn your fridge into a gallery with beautifully designed magnets showcasing the city’s landmarks. 

15. Viennese Fashion Books

Vienna has a strong influence on the world of fashion. Consider picking up books or magazines featuring Viennese fashion history, designers, or style trends as a chic souvenir.

16. Marzipan Figures

Delight in intricately shaped marzipan figures, often depicting symbols of Vienna or famous landmarks. These sweet treats are not only delicious but also make for charming and edible souvenirs.

17. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Merchandise

If you’re a music enthusiast, consider getting merchandise related to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This can include items like T-shirts, tote bags, or posters featuring the orchestra’s emblem.

18. Postcards

Vintage-style postcards featuring classic images of Vienna provide a nostalgic and timeless souvenir. They can be framed or sent to friends and family as a unique memento.

19. Christmas decorations

If you visit during the holiday season, explore the Christmas markets for festive decorations. Handcrafted ornaments, nutcrackers, and advent calendars showcase Vienna’s enchanting winter spirit.

20. Perfume


Vienna has a tradition of producing exquisite perfumes. Visit local perfumeries to find unique scents inspired by the city’s rich culture and floral landscapes.

pink and silver perfume bottle

21. Sausages and Condiments

Vienna is famous for its sausages. Bring home packs of traditional Viennese sausages or explore local condiments such as mustard varieties to add a savory touch to your culinary souvenirs.

22. Beer and Glassware

Enjoy the local beer scene by purchasing Viennese craft beers. Some breweries offer beer gift sets with branded glassware, providing a taste of Vienna’s brewing culture.

23. Lipizzaner Horse Souvenirs


The Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School are iconic in Vienna. Look for souvenirs featuring these elegant horses, such as figurines, prints, or keychains.

grayscale photo of horse in a building

24. Viennese Literature

Explore Vienna’s literary heritage by purchasing books by Austrian authors or novels set in the city. Bookstores often carry English translations of famous Austrian literature.

25. Organic and Fair Trade Products

Support sustainable practices by choosing organic and fair trade products. Look for items like chocolates, teas, or snacks with a focus on ethical sourcing and production.

26. Apricot Products

Austria is known for its apricots, and you can find various apricot-based products in Vienna. Consider apricot jams, liqueurs, or chocolates for a sweet and fruity souvenir.

yellow round fruits on white table

27. Whipped Cream Dispenser

Vienna is famous for its decadent whipped cream-topped coffees and desserts. Consider a Vienna-themed whipped cream dispenser for a playful and practical souvenir.

28. Classical Music

Vienna has a rich musical history, especially in classical music. Pick up CDs featuring compositions by famous Viennese composers like Mozart, Beethoven, or Strauss to bring the city’s musical heritage home.

29. Modern Art Prints

Vienna has a vibrant modern art scene. Explore galleries or local markets for prints featuring contemporary Viennese artists, adding a touch of modern creativity to your souvenirs.

30. Herbal Teas

Explore local herbal teas with unique blends inspired by Viennese flavors. Look for teas with ingredients like chamomile, mint, or local herbs for a taste of Vienna’s herbal traditions.

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