Madrid offers visitors unique products stemming from its traditional and authentic heritage, which is not incompatible with the cosmopolitan nature of a city that welcomes all its visitors. Here, we aim to introduce you one of these typically Madrilenian items so that you can take a memento of your visit to the capital.

With their small violet shape and a floral, sweet flavor, violet candies are a treasure that has endured over time in the city of Madrid. These candies have become a symbol of Madrilenian culture and a delight that visitors desire to taste and take with them as a souvenir of their visit to the city. With a history dating back to the 19th century and a recipe that has been carefully guarded, Madrid’s violet candies are a clear example of how tradition can remain valuable in modern times.

violet candy

The Mystery of La Violeta:

During the 19th century, “violeteras”, sold these typical flowers from the Madrid mountains in the streets of the city center during springtime. This connection between violets and Madrid was strengthened with the creation of violet candies by a candy shop called La Violeta.

This shop has kept the tradition of violet candies alive since its foundation in 1915. The great secret of its longevity lies in the recipe, which has been zealously guarded for generations. No one outside the La Violeta family circle knows the exact ingredients or the production process, allowing these candies to maintain their distinctive character over time.


A Symbol of Madrid:

Violet candies quickly gained popularity among Madrilenians, becoming a typical sweet of the city. Their flavor and attractive presentation, resembling flowers, made them highly sought after as souvenirs and gifts. People began to associate violet candies with Madrilenian identity and culture. Nowadays, these sweets are sold in numerous stores and kiosks throughout Madrid, especially in the historic city center.

If you visit Madrid, don’t forget to try the violet candies, a delight that will transport you to another era!

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