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The Story behind our colors

When we started our journey to create souvenirs, we always had a clear vision: To create a link between each souvenir and each city through color. Colors are like smells, they create emotions that are fixed in time, imperishable, whose links always have the same intensity no matter how many years have passed.

Colors of Culture

The Purple of Granada

Granada, a city adorned with the stunning landscapes of the Sierra Nevada and the rich history of the Alhambra. The color aubergine, a hue that signifies the city’s cultural heritage, conjures memories of regal palaces, majestic mountain ranges, and the legacy of the Nasrid dynasty that once graced this city with its intricate architecture and cultural splendor. 

This color is also often used to describe the shades of the flowers that bloom in Granada’s gardens. In addition, aubergine holds a special place in the realm of Moorish cuisine, reflecting the rich culinary traditions influenced by the diverse cultures that have shaped Granada’s identity.

By incorporating this vibrant color into our Granada souvenirs, we aim to transport you to the enchanting world of Moorish architecture, the lush mountainous scenery, and the flavorsome tapestry of local dishes that the city has to offer.

Tours and Activities in Granada

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