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The Story behind our colors

When we started our journey to create souvenirs, we always had a clear vision: To create a link between each souvenir and each city through color. Colors are like smells, they create emotions that are fixed in time, imperishable, whose links always have the same intensity no matter how many years have passed.

Colors of Culture

The Paris Green

Nestled amidst verdant gardens and expansive parks, Paris draws its distinctive essence from the lush embrace of the color green. The dynamic spectrum of green hues serves as a symbol for the city’s breathtaking landscapes, conjuring images of tranquil gardens and vast, open parks.

With ambitions to be Europe’s greenest city by 2030, Paris is paving the way for a sustainable future. In alignment with this commitment, our Paris souvenirs proudly incorporate the rich, verdant hues that echo the city’s green spaces. Each item becomes a passport to the tranquil oases and vibrant atmosphere that make Paris truly unique, while also serving as our contribution to support this admirable initiative for a greener tomorrow.

Tours and Activities in Paris

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