Artistic Contrast Istanbul Map

Minimalist map of the city of Istanbul.

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Pósters de calidad de museo hechos en papel mate grueso. Agrega un maravilloso acento a tu habitación u oficina con estos pósters que seguramente iluminarán cualquier entorno.

• Grosor del papel: 0,26 mm (10,3 mil)
• Peso del papel: 189 g/m²
• Opacidad: 94%
• Brillo ISO: 104%
• Los pósters de 21 × 30 cm son del tamaño A4
• Papel proveniente de Japón

El marco no está incluido. 

Este producto se fabrica especialmente para usted en cuanto hace el pedido, por eso tardamos un poco más en entregárselo. Fabricar productos bajo pedido en lugar de a granel ayuda a reducir la sobreproducción, así que gracias por tomar decisiones de compra meditadas.



To ensure that your posters and canvas last for a long time, don’t keep them in direct sunlight or outdoors. They can be gently dusted with a soft dry cloth or a feather duster.



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Immerse your living space in the mesmerizing charm of Istanbul with our high-contrast map, carefully designed to capture the city’s deep culture and diversity. Utilizing GIS positioning technology, we processed cartographic data from the Open Street Map database.

Against a backdrop of rich black, our map takes on a sophisticated allure, accentuating Istanbul’s intricate details. The striking blue tonality elegantly represents waterways, creating a harmonious visual narrative that goes beyond traditional maps.

At the bottom of our map, you’ll find the names of some of Istanbul’s most important landmarks.

This meticulously designed piece is a visual journey, inviting exploration of the city’s diverse landscapes. Each contour and water element comes to life, providing a dynamic experience that speaks to Istanbul’s rich history and modern allure.

Hang this artful creation in your home or office to transform your surroundings with the interplay of high contrast and soothing blue tones. Whether a map connoisseur, travel enthusiast, or captivated by urban aesthetics, this piece offers a unique perspective on Istanbul’s beauty.