Ravachol Parrot Fridge Magnet

Introducing our colorful fridge magnet featuring the iconic Ravachol Parrot in Pontevedra! Adorned with vivid colors and intricate shades, this magnet captures the essence of this beloved symbol with stunning detail.

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The Ravachol Parrot is a beloved symbol in Pontevedra, Spain, deeply intertwined with the city’s history and culture. Legend has it that during the 19th century, a parrot named Ravachol lived in the city’s central market square. Known for its colorful feathers and playful demeanor, the parrot became a cherished figure among locals, often entertaining passersby with its antics and squawks.

Over time, the Ravachol Parrot became an emblem of Pontevedra’s vibrant spirit and sense of community. Its presence in the market square symbolized the lively atmosphere of the city and served as a reminder of the importance of joy and connection in everyday life.

Today, the Ravachol Parrot is celebrated through various cultural events, artworks, and our Ravachol parrot fridge magnet . By featuring this iconic symbol, our magnet pays homage to Pontevedra’s rich heritage and invites people to experience the charm and warmth of this historic Spanish city.

Specifications: Our magnets are made from high-quality metal, making them thick and extremely durable. With straight-edge finishing and a powerful 1 mm magnet on the back, these premium metal fridge magnets are sturdy and resilient, ensuring prolonged and versatile use. Surprise your acquaintances with a high-quality souvenir that will endure over time.

Size: 90 x 65 mm.