The Lisbon Mug

A Portuguese mug inspired by the city of Lisbon.

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Story behind the souvenir

Story behind the souvenir

The tiles, known as “azulejos,” are famous in Portugal due to their rich historical significance and cultural heritage. They have been an integral part of Portuguese art and architecture for centuries. Azulejos are beautifully decorated ceramic tiles, often depicting intricate patterns, historical events, and scenes from daily life. They were introduced to Portugal during the 15th century and became a prominent feature in various structures, including palaces, churches, and houses. 

These tiles not only add aesthetic beauty to buildings but also serve functional purposes, such as temperature regulation and protection from moisture. The long tradition and widespread use of azulejos have contributed to their iconic status, making them a symbol of Portuguese identity and a popular attraction for tourists and art enthusiasts worldwide.



Esta taza es perfecta para tu café de la mañana, un té calentito por la tarde o la bebida caliente que más te guste. Su acabado blanco brillante permite estampados vistosos que conservan su calidad incluso al meterla en el lavavajillas o el microondas.

• Cerámica
• Dimensiones de la taza con capacidad de 11 oz: largo 9,6 cm (3,79″), diámetro 8,3 cm (3,25″)
• Apta para su uso en lavavajillas y microondas
– Producto en blanco procedente de China

Este producto se fabrica especialmente para usted en cuanto hace el pedido, por eso tardamos un poco más en entregárselo. Fabricar productos bajo pedido en lugar de a granel ayuda a reducir la sobreproducción, así que gracias por tomar decisiones de compra meditadas.



Our White Glossy Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, but the print and coating will last longer if you hand-wash them.



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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for The Lisbon Mug

  1. English


    This one is just fantastic

  2. English


    Bought this for my Aunt’s birthday present, and she loved it! The quality is amazing and love the vibrant colour 🙂

  3. English


    Absolutely beautiful mug!!!!! Now our coffee every morning reminds us of our last holiday in Lisbon

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Inspired by the warm glow of the sun-kissed walls, the tram 28 and those beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Lisbon we had to choose this beautiful yellow color to symbolize all that energy in the city.

At the bottom of the mug we also included intricate Portuguese tile design. These traditional azulejos, with their mesmerizing geometric patterns and rich blue accents, pay homage to the nation’s artistic legacy. 

As for our mug, the high-quality ceramic construction ensures that your beverage stays hot, and the comfortable handle makes it easy to hold and enjoy. Additionally, the product’s high quality also guarantees that the mug is resistant and durable, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Our mug is sturdy and glossy, with a vibrant print that will withstand the microwave and dishwasher.