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The Story behind our colors

When we started our journey to create souvenirs, we always had a clear vision: To create a link between each souvenir and each city through color. Colors are like smells, they create emotions that are fixed in time, imperishable, whose links always have the same intensity no matter how many years have passed.

Colors of Culture

The Imperial Red

Rome, a city enriched by its ancient history and the grandeur of its architectural wonders, is often associated with the majestic shade of imperial red. The color red embodies the essence of Rome’s historical significance and conjures up images of the mighty Roman Empire and its imposing structures.

Bsides representing the empire’s power, also carried cultural significance, symbolizing passion, strength, and the vitality of Roman life. Also we have the bold crimson hues of sunset over the Tiber River. 

By infusing our Roman souvenirs with this captivating color, we aim to immerse you in the timeless appeal of the city’s historical legacy and the vibrant spirit that once defined the heart of the Roman Empire.

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