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The Story behind our colors

When we started our journey to create souvenirs, we always had a clear vision: To create a link between each souvenir and each city through color. Colors are like smells, they create emotions that are fixed in time, imperishable, whose links always have the same intensity no matter how many years have passed.

Colors of Culture

The Maroon of Santiago de Compostela

Santiago, a city steeped in history and culture, offered us a variety of options when it came to color. We chose maroon based on our inspiration from the colors of the flag and the Cross of Santiago. This deep and historical tone represents the richness of Santiago de Compostela’s cultural heritage throughout the centuries.

Maroon, a color deeply intertwined with Santiago’s narrative, reflects the blood of the region’s storied past and the resilience of its people. Evoking the hues found in the flag and the revered Cross of Santiago, this choice symbolizes not only a visual connection but also an emotional tie to the city’s significant historical events.

By incorporating this resonant maroon into our Santiago souvenirs, we aim to capture the essence of the city and convey their legacy, celebrating the enduring spirit and cultural tapestry woven over the centuries.

Tours and Activities in Santiago

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