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Santiago Cathedral

santiago de compostela

Discover the wonderful architecture and secrets stories that make this cathedral a famous pilgrimage site for the entire world.


Undoubtedly, standing in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is an awe-inspiring experience. The journey’s end for pilgrims traversing the Camino de Santiago, where the apostle Saint James’ relics are believed to rest.

Discover with our free walking tour this majestic architectural marvel, erected in the 9th century by King Alfonso II of Asturias. The cathedral combines Romanesque and Gothic architecture and has witnessed countless transformations and expansions over the centuries.

One of the most important treasures is the renowned Puerta de la Gloria, a masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture carved in stone by the artist Maestro Mateo in the 12th century. This door features scenes from the Last Judgment and other religious figures, a true gem.

We will visit the ancient choir of the Cathedral, the cloister, and the canons’ cemetery, the chapel of relics, the painting room, altarpieces, sculptures, and Goya tapestries, the treasury chapel, the library, and the exteriors of the Portico de la Gloria.

With our free tour of the Cathedral of Santiago, you can appreciate the grandeur and beauty of one of Christianity’s most important works. Learn the history, secrets, and spirituality behind this iconic pilgrimage site. Come and experience a unique adventure in the heart of Santiago de Compostela!

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