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This is how we think, this is how we act.

The Free Tour Shop embraces the essence of travel, cultural richness, and art through unique memories and tours. On one hand, our free tours offer a tourist experience that combines fun, cultural exploration, and a deep respect for the cities. 

We take pride in being a platform for guides passionate about their cities and serving as a channel for them to share history and culture with more people.

At The Free Tour Shop, we also create our own souvenirs and seek to collaborate with artists from each city where we provide service. We aim to provide exceptional and unique experiences to our customers, which is why we want to offer gifts that are unique and tell a story, with soul.

On our blog, we share the history of souvenirs and details about the uniqueness of each place. Our mission is to weave a journey filled with cultural and artistic beauty while supporting local creativity and authenticity.

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